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A Lesson-Tour “Ukraine-Britain” Prepared by Iryna Hrechkosiy.

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1 A Lesson-Tour “Ukraine-Britain” Prepared by Iryna Hrechkosiy

2 Welcome to our class. We’ll show you our school with pleasure.


4 We study a lots of subjects: Math, Ukrainian, Art, English, Science and other interesting. We learn such lots of things at school, And new ones every day. I think the names of some of them Are very hard to say.

5 Reading is the best of all For Reading’s like a key That opens many, many doors; It opens books for me. Books are full of many games That I would like to play Books are our best friends As people often say.

6 The rules of the students in our school: 1.We mustn’t be late for the lessons. 2.We mustn’t shout at school. 3.We mustn’t run at school. 4.We mustn’t talk at the lessons. 5.We must come to school in time. 6.We must read and write at the lessons. 7.We must listen to the teacher. 8.We must answer the questions. 9.We must do our home works. 10.We must wear uniform only. And lots of other rules…

7 You are welcome on an excursion in Ternopil. Ternopil is a beautiful Ukrainian city. There are lots of shops and restaurants and cinemas and museums in it. There are lots of parks, too. There is a big lake and there is a beach in our city. There is a big railway station in Ternopil. There are lots of cars, buses and trolleybuses in the streets.

8 I see trees of green, Red roses, too. I see them bloom, For me and you And I think to myself, What a wonderful town today! I see skies of blue And clouds white. The beautiful day, The beautiful night. And I think to myself, What a wonderful town today!

9 Let’s go to the railway station! Look! This is the railway station. It’s big and modern. There are many people here. You can buy tickets and get on a train to Kyiv, Odessa, Lviv and even to London. There are many trains and taxis here.

10 We are off the Kyiv! Kyiv is the capital city in Ukraine. Over 4 million people live in Kyiv. There are lots of cars, buses and trams in the streets. There is a big beach on the river Dnipro. There are lots of parks, too. There are lots of big and small stations. And there is an underground railway in Kyiv. It’s the longest in Ukraine.

11 Many beautiful things to hear, to see Belong to you, belong to me! The sun, the trees, the grass, the sky The yellow moon that’s passing by. In our town everything for me. The blowing winds, the birds and sing, Bright autumn woods, gay flowers of spring, The cold winter with snow so white, The running rivers, the stars of night. In our town everything for me.

12 We’re in the clothes shop There are so many clothes here. You can buy hats and socks, jumpers and jackets, shorts and swimsuit, blouses and trousers, shirts and skirts and also T-shirts.

13 Shoes and boots Boots and shoes, Come and buy The size you use. Try them on Before you choose, Shoes and boots, Boots and shoes. Jeans and trousers Sweaters and shirts, Socks and tights, And jackets and skirts, T-shirts, shoes, High boots and mittens, There are the clothes Of the kittens.

14 Let’s go to McDonald’s!

15 Let’s have a lunch! I like pizza You like cheese. We like ice cream, Ice cream, please. I like coffee You like tea. I like you And you like me.

16 The next destination is Crimea The summer sun shines hot and high, Baby birds now learn to fly, Green, green leaves and tasty fruit, All the things are so good.

17 Crimea is a wonderful place in Ukraine. If you want to spend your summer holidays, you can go there. There is the Black sea here. There are Crimean mountains, too. There are lots of beautiful beaches and nice hotels here. You can swim in the sea, climb the mountains and visit interesting places in Crimea.

18 Let’s go to the Aqua Park! There are lots of Aqua Parks all over the world. They are very popular. Children like to go there. You can swim, jump in the water, play games with your friends, visit different attractions and also have a lunch here. There are lots of swimming pools. It’s a great fun for children.

19 We’re in the zoo! We’re off to the zoo! We haven’t a moment to spare, We’re going to see the kangaroo, And feed the big brown bear.


21 The next destination is London London is the capital city of Britain. Over 6 million people live in London. In London there are lots of shops and restaurants and cinemas and museums. There is a big clock called Big Ben. There are lots of parks, too. And there isn’t a beach in London. There is a river called the river Thames, and there are lots of bridges. This is Tower Bridge. There are palaces, too. The Queen lives in Buckingham Palace. There are six big station and lots of small station. There are big red buses and the longest underground railway in the world.

22 Let’s go to the café and have a birthday party!

23 Our tour is coming to the end. Dear friends! Are you happy to be on such an interesting tour? Yes, we are!!!

24 Thank you for your attention!!!

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