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Nine Traits of Culture.

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1 Nine Traits of Culture

2 What are the Nine Traits of Culture?
The “Nine Traits of Culture” serve as a framework for the study of culture in human societies. Language History Food and Shelter (Types / Styles) Education Systems Security/Protection Relationships – Family and Others Political and Social Organizations Religion (beliefs / morals / mores) Creative Expression – Recreation

3 1. Language Allows for communication to exist, helps establish cultural identities Oral tradition - Helps pass cultural traits along through generations There are between 3,000 and 6,500 different languages spoken in the world today Dialect – different versions of the same basic language

4 2. History Every culture has a past, present, and a future.
Events in the past often directly shape the elements of a modern culture . Includes festivals and holidays that celebrate or remember the past.

5 3. Food and Shelter – The places we live and the things we eat

6 4. Education How culture is taught or learned
Formal – Schools, Universities, Religion (church) In-Formal – Family, Friends, Social Clubs / Groups

7 5. Security/Protection Organized Military Forces
Organized Police Forces Family/Tribal Militias and Gangs Individual Self-Defense

8 6. Relationships – Family and Others
Relatives Family Living Arrangements Friendships Romantic Relationships and Marriages Classmates / Co-Workers

9 7. Political and social organization
Government System Make rules and laws to keep society in order Clubs Examples? Boys and Girls, Boy Scouts, FFA, Optimists, Fraternal organizations Kiwanis, University, Veterans, Masonic Lodges etc.

10 8. Religion The belief in a supernatural power or powers, responsible for the creation and maintenance of the universe, and associated practices. Major Types of Religions? Monotheistic – belief in one god Polytheistic – belief in many gods Animistic or Traditional – belief in the forces of nature

11 9. Creative Expression - Recreation
Music instruments, singing Art Paintings, sculpture, photography Dance Theater Literature Novels, Poems Architecture Sports Outdoor activities Hobbies

12 What is your culture?

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