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The Atmosphere - Environmental Science Melanie Wiscount.

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1 The Atmosphere - Environmental Science Melanie Wiscount

2 Composition –Nitrogen - 78% –Oxygen – 21% –Other - 1% (argon, carbon dioxide, methane,water vapor) –Pie Chart of GasesPie Chart of Gases

3 Running the Troposphere Bill Nye the Science Guy – Running the Troposphere on by user hungryhome3r

4 Materials –Atmospheric dust –Soil and salt –Ash from fires and volcanoes –Particulate matter from combustion, skin, hair, bits of clothing [fibers], pollen, bacteria, viruses, liquid aerosols.

5 Air Pressure –The atmosphere is pulled to the Earth by gravity –More dense near the surface because of this gravitational pull –Pressure at sea level = 14.5 lbs/

6 Layers of the Atmosphere  Troposphere  Stratosphere – Ozone layer  Mesosphere  Thermosphere - Ionosphere  Exosphere – transition to space

7 Atmospheric Temperatures –F = (C x 1.8) + 32 –C = (F – 32) x.55

8 Energy in the Atmosphere –Radiation –Conduction –Convection

9 Heating and Movement of Energy  Greenhouse Effect  Water Vapor  Carbon Dioxide  Methane  Nitrous Oxide  Infrared Radiation The Earth’s Atmosphere

10 Composition of the Atmosphere Composition of the Atmosphere on Discovery Education Streaming

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