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SMS Science Fair Project 8 North Science Investigation 1.

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1 SMS Science Fair Project 8 North Science Investigation 1

2 Why Do a Science Project 1.This will allow you to learn something that you may not learn from the curriculum during the year. 2.Learn the process of the scientific method and research. 3.Compete to win prizes and money! 2

3 Topic Selection Pick a topic that interest you. This topic should lead to an experiment that is measureable. If you can’t measure something, it is not a science project. Make sure that the materials are available to do the experiment. 3

4 Research You need to do research to see what has been done in your field of study. Research at least three sources. These sources can be from: – Internet – Library books – Professional Journals – Magazines – Encyclopedias on a limited basis 4

5 Research Paper (see template under my files at FIS) Title Page Abstract Background Research Experiment Details Materials and Procedure Challenges and Technical Issues Experimental Results Data Analysis & Discussion Conclusion Recommendations Acknowledgements Bibliography Experimental Notes 5

6 Hypothesis This is your prediction, your educated guess. Must be done before the experiment is started. Must include the experimental group, what you are measuring and the expected outcome. 6

7 Experimental Design The experiment must include: – Independent variable – Dependent variable – Control (if you have one) – Something to be measured. – multiple trials – Equipment that is available to you. 7

8 Data (50 -100 points of data) The qualitative data must be placed in the journal on a daily basis. The quantitative data should be entered in a data chart or spreadsheet. The data needs to be graphed in an appropriate format. take lots of photos of your set up and results 8

9 Graph (should be computer generated) The graph should have the independent variable on the x-axis. The graph should have the dependent variable on the y-axis. Graphs that can be used: – Scatter plot with lines – Column graphs 9

10 Analysis of data (this will impress the judges!) This graph should be statistically analyzed: – Mean – Mode – Median – Standard deviation All data must be considered (even outliers). What does your data tell us? 10

11 Conclusion (follow the lab template given to you) Did you prove or disprove your hypothesis? What would you do differently? What suggestions do you have for anyone who would do your project? 11

12 Journal Your journal should be started immediately. The journal should be a composition notebook. Everything about the project should be included. An entry should be data and written in complete sentences. Entries must be made whenever anything is done. Entries: – Problem statement – Research sources – Hypothesis – Variables/control – Material list – Experimental Design – Qualitative observations – Quantitative observations (data table) – Receipts for materials 12

13 Be Creative and Original! Hard work equal success! 13

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