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Update on Progress in Preparations for ANA 2013 Meeting of the National Consultative Forum 20 August 2013.

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1 Update on Progress in Preparations for ANA 2013 Meeting of the National Consultative Forum 20 August 2013

2 Important to note: The education system has made significant strides in implementing annual national assessment as a national priority. The 3 rd large-scale ANA will be conducted on 10-13 September 2013 on literacy and numeracy. Approximately 7 million learners in Grades 1-6 and Grade 9 from more than 20 000 mainstream and special schools will sit for the assessment. 2

3 Presentation outline Test development & distribution Test administration Verification ANA Marking Support to schools & learners The SACMEQ IV Study Conclusion 3

4 Test development & distribution Tests have been developed, quality-assured and printing is underway Delivery of test consignments to provincial warehouses, where appropriate, will be completed on 2 September 2013 Recommendation is for each school to receive test consignments at least three days before test date for thorough checking of tests and numbers.

5 Test administration Training of the core test administrators at provincial level has been completed. Training involved familiarizing participants with the contents of the Test Administration Manual. Provinces must ensure each school has a copy of the manual.

6 Verification ANA V-ANA will be conducted by an Independent Agent. V-ANA will be administered on a sample of schools to a sample of learners. All learners will write the same papers and the sampling of the learners will happen after the test administration. The same learners will be sampled for both Language and Mathematics.

7 Marking Teachers must mark and SMTs moderate the marking before marks are entered into the mark sheets and results are sent to parents. Marking guidelines/memoranda will be provided and must be followed. Provinces and districts will arrange for centralized moderation of sampled scripts from Grades 3, 6 & 9. Mark sheets must accompany sampled scripts.

8 Support to schools & learners Report with national, provincial & district information. Guideline on the utilization of ANA data. Diagnostic report on knowledge and skills that learners were able or unable to demonstrate in the 2012 assessment, with proposed remedial measures. Sets of exemplars per phase for revision posted on the DBE website, CDs sent to provinces and districts

9 Support to schools & learners Assessment guidelines, in all 11 official languages and for both literacy and numeracy which specify the scope and depth of ANA 2013. DBE released a communiqué, in all 11 official languages, targeting parents on the purpose of ANA and giving them tips on how they could assist their children in preparing for ANA 2013.

10 The SACMEQ IV Study

11 The SACMEQ design SACMEQ is policy- rather than (academic) research-driven. Agenda set by the SACMEQ Governing Body made up of Ministers of Education of member countries. Building capacity within education ministries to evaluate the quality of their education systems. Testing Grade 6 learners and their teachers in Reading and Mathematics. 11

12 The SACMEQ design Collects data on contextual data on school and home factors that might have an impact on the quality of teaching and learning: complete for 2013 Includes testing of learner and teacher knowledge of HIV&AIDS South Africa will collect data on learner and teacher knowledge of TB (national option) 12

13 The SA SACMEQ IV Sample Prov.No. of schoolsEstimated No. of learners EC451 125 FS20500 GP501 250 KZN651 625 LP401 000 MP25625 NC15375 NW20500 WC25625 Total3057 625

14 Conclusion  Necessary measures are in place and satisfactory progress is in process for ANA 2013 administration.  Need to intensify communication in general and preparation of learners for the assessment in particular.  Monitoring (and support to) schools at all levels should be a priority during the administration of the assessment. 14

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