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Leon County Schools Performance Feedback Process August 2006 For more information

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1 Leon County Schools Performance Feedback Process August 2006 For more information

2 Three Key Elements The professional educator is engaged in a process of continuous improvement. A constant focus is on improvement of student performance. The shift is from minimum competencies to highly effective instructional practices.

3 The Critical Element The individual classroom is the focus of influence. Performance feedback should result in a positive impact upon classroom instruction and increased learning of all children.

4 All Teachers The LCS Teacher Performance Feedback Summary Form will be used with all teachers. All teachers will have developed and implemented an approved Individualized Professional Development Plan (IPDP).

5 Documentation All participants in the Professional Education Competence (PEC) Program must also complete all requirements of the program portfolio. Teachers with an Improvement Notice must document the identified target areas.

6 Documentation Teachers rated Professional do not have to provide any additional documentation beyond their completed IPDP.

7 Annual Salary Increase In order to qualify for a salary increase, instructional staff are required to show improvement in the performance of their students, demonstrate effective teaching practices and receive a satisfactory (Professional or Accomplished) performance evaluation.

8 Performance Pay Plan Teachers will be given the specific requirements for the LCS Performance Pay Plan with the option to declare their interest in participating in the program at a later time. When available and appropriate, standardized or criteria-based national and/or state assessment results must be utilized.

9 Peer Feedback Documentation from peer observations, review or feedback may be used as part of the assessment process only with the teachers approval and at the discretion of the administrator.

10 Evaluation Cycles Annual contract teachers, who are not being renominated, should have a formal performance feedback conference prior to the end of the school year. All renominated and continuing or professional services contract teachers may have their feedback conference in the fall when data is available for their IPDP.

11 Observation Timelines Experienced teachers do not require formal observations when site administrators are conducting regular Classroom Walk-Throughs. Classroom Walk-Throughs CANNOT be used to document Needs Improvement.

12 Observation Timelines Experienced teachers, new to the district, should have Teacher Assessment Part A and B within the first 90 days and a second Part A during the second semester. Beginning teachers, new to the district, should have Teacher Assessment Part A within the first 45 days, Part A and B within the first 90 days, and the PEC portfolio completed before renomination.

13 Observation Timelines Teachers needing assistance will be observed with Teacher Assessment Part A and Part B as needed or on an ongoing basis. Other elements in an improvement plan or improvement notice will be addressed within specified timelines.

14 Notification The site administrator will inform his/her staff about the evaluation process. The staff will be told when formal and informal observations will be conducted and by whom. Formal observation for assessment purposes requires prior notification to the teacher. Informal observations may be conducted at any time.

15 Conferences A conference must be held and documented after each formal observation and after any informal observation where a serious concern was identified. An annual performance feedback conference must be held to review the IPDP and the Teacher Performance Feedback Summary Form

16 Contract Renewal A satisfactory evaluation (Professional or Accomplished overall rating) is necessary but not sufficient for annual contract renewal. Fiscal, programmatic and other employee performance factors may affect contract renewal.

17 Teacher Performance Feedback Summary Form Completion of IPDP Implementation of Appropriate Curriculum Demonstration of Effective Instructional Strategies Utilization of Technology for Instruction Monitoring Student Progress Meeting the Responsibilities of a Teacher

18 Teacher Performance Feedback Summary Form Beyond the IPDP no documentation is required for a Professional rating. Teacher must provide documentation to receive an Accomplished rating. Administrator must document Needs Improvement.

19 Overall Professional Completed IPDP No other documentation by teacher or administrator needed if Classroom Walk- Throughs were conducted

20 Overall Accomplished IPDP shows significant growth in student achievement. Teacher provides evidence of outstanding performance in at least one other area. No area is marked Needs Improvement.

21 Overall Needs Improvement At least two areas have been documented by the administrator and marked Needs Improvement. OR The misconduct or ineffective practice has been documented to be of a significantly serious nature.

22 Overall Unsatisfactory Failure, over time, to improve the serious problems identified using the Needs Improvement Process A documented serious incident or policy violation has occurred. Improvement notices or other documentation must be attached.

23 IPDP Student learning outcomes Related professional competencies Related professional development activities Faculty/peer study group School improvement involvement Parent/guardian communication

24 IPDP Student Outcomes One outcome related to the school improvement plan focus or targets One outcome based upon an analysis of the needs students in your classroom

25 IPDP Professional Competencies One curriculum knowledge, instructional strategy or skill, or other professional competency that you wish to develop that will help improve student performance FOR EACH of the targeted outcomes

26 IPDP Professional Development One professional development activity (FOR EACH of the identified knowledge, skills or competencies) that will help you learn and apply the competency in your classroom in order to improve the targeted student outcomes

27 IPDP Faculty Study Group Every teacher will participate in a faculty wide, department, team or other peer study group in order to examine and improve instructional practices. The study group may focus on lesson study, research based practices, or theory into practice using texts or other resources.

28 IPDP SIP Process All teachers are expected to participate in the development, implementation and/or monitoring of the schools improvement plan. Teachers may serve on SAC, SIP committees or subcommittees or otherwise assist in helping the school successfully reach SIP goals and objectives.

29 IPDP Parent Communication Using surveys, interviews or other formal strategies, all teachers will solicit input from parents/guardians regarding the effectiveness of their communication of expectations, activities and student progress Grade level, special area and department teams are encouraged to coordinate the solicitation of feedback from parents and guardians.

30 IPDP Follow-up The primary question to be answered is What have you learned that will help you be better able to help your students improve their performance? Use the IPDP Process rubric to assess follow-up.

31 Teacher Assessment Part A Part A is used as an observation instrument to provide feedback on specific effective teaching practices that help students be successful. Part A may be requested by a teacher wishing feedback; used by an administrator to help document competencies for the PEC program; or be part of the documentation for Needs Improvement on the Teacher Performance Feedback Summary Form.

32 Teacher Assessment Part B Part B is used as a portfolio guide to provide feedback on specific effective teaching practices that help a teacher be more successful with his/her students. Part B may be requested by a teacher wishing feedback; used by an administrator to help document competencies for the PEC program; or be part of the documentation for Needs Improvement on the Teacher Performance Feedback Summary Form.

33 Teacher Assessment Improvement Notice The Improvement Notice is a vehicle to get a teachers attention that improvement is not just suggested but required. Several opportunities for improvement, with support and assistance from the site administrator, will be provided. Failure to improve is sufficient grounds for an unsatisfactory evaluation.

34 Summary This process assumes the competence of the majority of teachers and focuses on professional development in the context of improving student performance as its priority. The documentation of problematic or ineffective behavior is secondary; should occur with no surprises to the teacher; and should include opportunities for improvement.

35 Summary The most important part of this whole process is the conversation between a teacher and an administrator about ways to improve student learning. Both teachers and administrators must look for ways to initiate those conversations both within and outside of this process.

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