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How does the environment impact humans?

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1 How does the environment impact humans?

2 Settlement Patterns The climate impacts where people can live. People have a difficult time living where: The climate is too hot The climate is too cold There is no water

3 Settlement Patterns Examine the following maps and see if you can explain the population patterns. Are people living next to fresh water? Are people avoiding deserts or cold areas?

4 Population density map of Africa

5 Population density map of Finland

6 Population density map of China

7 Housing Materials People tend to make their houses out of available materials. What would you make your house out of if you lived in… A. A desert or arid region? B. An area with a lot of snow? C. A jungle?

8 Adobe mosque in Mali, Africa.

9 A street in Timbuktu, Mali.

10 How would you like to live in a house made of dirt? Sod
houses were common on the great plains of the United States because there were very few trees.

11 A traditional Inuit igloo. Inuit’s made igloos for hunting
shelters or semi-permanent family dwellings. They also made houses out of whalebone, hides, and dirt.

12 Inside of an igloo, comfy!

13 Tree house in Papua New Guinea. Natives build houses like this in order to escape the bugs and heat on the forest floor. They also help protect people from their enemies.

14 In countries near the Mediterranean Sea such as
Italy, Spain, and Greece tile roofs are common features of the architecture.

15 The bright red tile roofs
in Florence, Italy give the city a distinctive look.

16 A wooden church in Siberia, Russia. This area has a
huge coniferous forest called the Taiga.

17 Agricultural Activity
The environment has a huge impact on what types of food humans can grow, how they grow them, and where they can grow them.

18 Agricultural Activity
Agricultural activity can be affected by: Topography - Is the land flat or mountainous? Climate - Certain types of crops can only grow in certain temperatures. If there is not enough rainfall humans must irrigate crops.

19 Agricultural Activity
Only a small percentage of the land on earth is arable. Arable land is land that can be used for farming. Examine the following maps and look at an atlas. See if you can explain the types of crops these countries grow and why some land is not used for farming.

20 Land use map of Jamaica, an island in the Caribbean Sea.

21 Land use map of Belgium, a small country in Western Europe.

22 Land use map of Brazil, the largest country in South America.

23 Land use map of South Africa.

24 Types of Recreation Some types of recreation depend on the climate.

25 Explain This Country Germany U.S. Austria Russia Canada Gold Medals
Silver Medals Bronze Medals Total Germany 11 12 6 29 U.S. 9 7 25 Austria 23 Russia 8 22 Canada 10 24 Results of 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy.

26 Types of Recreation Lame sports around the world:
Curling - Elephant Polo - Cheese Rolling -

27 Transportation Patterns
The environment, especially topography and climate, can have an impact on transportation patterns.

28 Transportation Patterns
Mountains are barriers to trade because it is difficult to build roads over mountains. People use rivers and the ocean for transportation routes because boats transport goods more efficiently. Extreme weather, such as the cold, can make it difficult to transport goods.

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