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Functions are like parties, yeh?

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1 Functions are like parties, yeh?
Settlement functions Functions are like parties, yeh?

Last week, we talked about the kinds of reasons that towns and villages WERE sited and situated This week we are going to look at the purposes or functions they fulfil NOW Different settlements have different functions (e.g. resort, port, market town, industrial town). What is a resort?

3 What kind of town does she live in?
I live in a _____ town. My husband runs a farm. This is where we come to buy and sell things. INDUSTRIAL PORT RESORT MARKET

4 What kind of town does he live in?
I live in an __________ town. I use things produced from farmers to make other things. INDUSTRIAL PORT HOLIDAY RESORT MARKET

5 What kind of town does he live in?
I live in a ______. This is where people and goods leave our country and arrive from other places.. INDUSTRIAL HOLIDAY RESORT MARKET PORT

6 What kind of town does he live in?
I live in a __________. This is where people come from other places to relax and enjoy themselves. INDUSTRIAL HOLIDAY RESORT MARKET PORT

7 Where are we mostly likely to find these?
FACTORY FUNFAIR HOUSES MARKET PLACE SHOPS DOCKS COAL MINE In a port, an industrial town, a market town or tourist resort? (the answer maybe all of them!)

8 We have already learnt that we find certain types of buildings along with certain types of function.
For example factories are found in industrial settlements. We can say that a factory is an INDICATOR of an industrial settlement DEFINITION – INDICATOR – a person or object that points out the function of a settlement.

9 What kind of things would be indicators of these settlement function types?
For example: SHOPS, FARMERS, TRADERS, PRODUCE, TRANSPORT are indicators of a market town function What would be indicators of a port an industrial town a tourist resort?

10 FUNFAIR FARM FACTORY DOCK What are each of town A B C D and why?

11 Market Towns Market Towns tend to have the following features
Found in a fertile farming area Many services e.g. shops and offices Good transport links - often they are route centres They may be at the site of important bridges. Often mills were built on the river Market places in the town centre; Markets may no longer be held there

12 A model of a market town

13 An aerial view of Kelso

14 An example of a market town is Kelso in the Scottish Borders, which is shown on the map below . It is similar to the model as it is a bridging point over a river, is in a farming areas and has good transport links. It is different to the model as it does not have a railway line.

15 Ports Ports tend to have the following features
Found where there are sheltered harbours Flat land for building on nearby Modern ports need deeper water for today's larger ships Many ports have gone through a lot of redevelopment The largest ports are found where there is a major industrial area inland that needed a place to import and export its goods.

16 A model of a port

17 An example of a port is Liverpool in the north-west of England, which is shown on the map below . It is similar to the model as it is has a sheltered harbour, is built on flat land, and the newer docks are found downstream. It is different from the model as Liverpool is only built on one side of the River Mersey

18 Liverpool

19 Besides ports, resorts or market towns
What other functions can you think of?

20 Here are a few more settlement functions
Mining towns – where you have resources under ground that people find useful – coal, iron ore, copper and many other metals Industrial towns – which concentrate on making thing things, such as cars or chemicals,

21 Settlement functions Residential – a major function of many settlements is to give people a place to live. In some places, this is the main function, as there are few services and no industry. These are known as dormitory towns or commuter towns e.g.?? Another sort of residential function is one that concentrates on serving retires people E.g. Frinton near London And parts of Florida in America – these places will have services but those needed particularly by the elderly

22 Settlement functions Administrative - such as county towns that employ a large number of people as civil servants and are centres of local government For example, where is your local government centre?

23 Settlement functions Commercial or retail – shopping centres and recreation facilities, such as sports centres and cinemas, provide services for people. They usually have good transport links so that people come from the surrounding districts to use the facilities. Where is there a commercial centre near you?

24 Settlement functions Services – such as schools, universities, regional hospitals and libraries, such as Oxford Tourism – we have mentioned seaside resorts already. But there are others types of tourist settlement. Many settlements in National Park also have a tourist function. Also major cities such as London and Paris also fulfil a tourist function. Can you think of tourist centres near you?

25 Settlement function change
Retail change: town centres decline as supermarkets and larger shops move out of town to retail parks eg? Changes in planning policy –’brown field sites’ such as old abandoned industrial areas are being redeveloped for housing and leisure e.g Docklands in London

26 Settlement function change
Social change – for example more people can afford to go abroad so typical seaside resorts like Blackpool and Morecombe have declined. Fishing villages in Spain have become tourist resorts instead. Any others ?

27 But many places do not have just one function
Take London – it is the centre of government, it has leading universities, and it is a tourist centre and a cultural centre with lots of galleries and theatres and museums. Many places are like that now.

28 Homework Do you know places near you that have different main functions? Can you think of indicators that show that your choice of functions is reasonable? Go for 3 of the nearest sizable places to you – think why they are there and explain how you can show this, by giving their indicators. [Do talk to your parents – they may something you don’t about local places!]

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