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Page 1 WGISS Response to GEO/CEOS-SIT Ken McDonald WGISS/Vice-Chair.

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1 Page 1 WGISS Response to GEO/CEOS-SIT Ken McDonald WGISS/Vice-Chair

2 Page 2 Recent WGISS Actions At WGISS-21 –Discussed possible reorganization –Reviewed WGISS Tasks and assigned POCs –Developed plan for GEO coordination Since WGISS-21 –Developed preliminary list of potential WGISS contributions to GEO tasks

3 Page 3 WGISS-21 Summary of GEO Discussions At WGISS-21, conclusion was that at the present time, reorganization is not necessary. WGISS POCs could fit in current structure: –SGs, Task Teams or WTFs. –Either existing or new TT / WTFs Overall coordination: –WGISS Vice-Chair nominated (Ken McDonald, NASA) as WGISS GEO Coordinator –Shall manage WGISS response to all requests coming from CEOS: activity monitoring, reporting to CEOS WGISS, interface with WGISS POCs,.. –WGISS Chair (Ivan Petiteville) reports on WGISS GEO activities and status to CEOS Plenary and SIT.

4 Page 4 WGISS-21 GEO Action Task Teams (TT) to link their activities to the GEO 2006 WP (9 WGISS, then 33 ADC Tasks eventually to all 96 tasks.) Leaders to identify TTs current & future activities that are related to GEO 2006 WP For each identified GEO 2006 task, nominations of the WGISS POCs (end of June 2006) Detailed proposal of contribution per GEO tasks to be proposed by WGISS POC to GEO Task POC Once agreed at GEO Task level, start to work

5 Page 5 WGISS Response to GEO Action WGISS-All requested to review GEO 2006 Work Plan and Task List Subgroup and Task Team Leads, working with team members, identified possible WGISS contributions to GEO tasks Consolidated list of potential contributions and proposed WGISS point(s) of contact

6 Page 6 Highlights of Potential WGISS Contributions International Directory Network (IDN) –Comprehensive, operational data and service discovery Interoperable Catalog Systems –Interoperability Handbook WTF - Science and Applications Support –Water Resources - WTF-CEOP –Disaster Response - WTF-Disasters Emerging Technologies –GRID –Service Oriented Architectures

7 Page 7 Primary GEO Areas Societal Benefit - Water and Disasters –WTFs provide model for applying WGISS technologies to actual projects and applications. Transverse Areas - Architecture and Data Management –WGISS technology and services task teams offer practical experience in technology development, reuse and infusion. –Technologies focus on data discovery and access, distributed data system architectures, data integration and resource sharing. Constellation Concept –WGISS experience with distributed data systems could play important role in virtual observing system concept.

8 Page 8 Plan for WGISS-22 During SG/TT Sessions: –Continue discussion on how task team activities do or could relate to GEO tasks In Thursdays GEO Session: –Status update on GEO initiatives –Refine list of potential contributions and named single WGISS point of contact –Update list to address GEO 2007-9 Work Plan and other initiatives (e.g. Constellations) –Discuss resources to make the contributions

9 Page 9 Questions, Discussion?

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