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Safer, Speedier and Sexier Surfing with Safari. Which Web Browser?

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1 Safer, Speedier and Sexier Surfing with Safari

2 Which Web Browser?

3 Demo This presentation was originally presentation as a demo. Each section being shown in safari with the handout given to viewers to enable notes or to jog memories. If you were not there and so if you have any question please contact us.

4 Making It Secure Pop Ups  Turn on Block Pop-Up Windows This does not really make it more secure but you are less likely to accidentally download malware or other dodgy files Preferences:  Safe Files Uncheck the Open Safe Files once Downloaded Having it checked means a problem file could ‘hide’ inside a file that Safari will run without checking first.  Security Options These are usually fine, I would not play with these unless you have to.

5 General Browsing Snapback  A great feature! Just click on the orange arrow by the address or mark pages and Snapback to them when required. Home Page  Change it! I use google but pick your favourite. Searching  Use the feature built in! Search in the top right and it will snapback if required! Address bar  I would add HOME and PRINT to the default set but it is up to you (View - Customize Address Bar..)

6 Bookmarks De-Americanise  Delete them all!! Click on the book symbol to add or remove. Add your own as you visit each site. Address Book  Preferences - Bookmarks - Include Address Book. Now any web pages in your address book are easy to find. Adding Bookmarks  Add them by clicking the + when visiting the site, then choose where to put it! (SEE BELOW) Bookmarks Bar/Menu  Add you top websites to the Bar ( !!!), even put them into folders. Less common sites should be put into the

7 Advanced Browsing Tabs  Enable Tabs and use them! Under Preferences. This gives a much richer experience with more flexibility. Saving Pages  File - Save As. Then you can view the page on the move or when your connection is down. Email (TIGER)  You can email whole pages to friends and the links work! Great for showing off a site or sending them lots of info. Secure Surfing (TIGER)  Safari - Private Browsing. This will hide all details from sites you visit and not keep any record on your machine that visited the site. Great for banking or ordering stuff online.

8 RSS Using;  Check out the Apple site for more info.  Look for the blue RSS box in the address bar of pages you visit. Clicking this will take you to a RSS feed. This can be added as a bookmark, or searched for articles are interest. Adding  If RSS shortcuts are placed in the Menu Bar then the sources are checked for new stories so you can really keep on top of things.

9 Parental Controls (TIGER) Managed Account  Under System Preferences you can set-up a new account and make it managed. This means the user (for example your child) would only be able to visit the websites you have approved.  If he/she tries to go to another site then they are blocked.  To open a site just enter your password.

10 Any Questions?

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