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The Earth System.

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1 The Earth System

2 The Earth System The Earth is a system consisting of 4 major interacting components: Geosphere(lithosphere) Hydrosphere Atmosphere Biosphere

3 Earth System Cont.’d Physical, chemical, and biological processes act among the 4 components over time to continuously change Earth’s crust, oceans, atmosphere, and living things.

4 Geosphere (lithosphere)
The geosphere represents the solid Earth. Consists of the crust, mantle, lithosphere, and core

5 The Hydrosphere Consists of the ice and liquid waters of oceans, lakes, streams, groundwater, and glaciers. Driven by the hydrologic cycle (water cycle)

6 The Water Cycle

7 The Atmosphere Consists of a thin layer of air surrounding Earth that acts as a blanket

8 The Biosphere The portion of Earth in which all known life forms exist. Life ranges from tiny bacteria to elephants Includes the land and sea

9 The Earth System: Review
Consists of 4 components: These interact with each other and affect Earth’s surface and it’s organisms throughout time.

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