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Branches of Earth Science

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1 Branches of Earth Science

2 Astronomy Study of objects beyond Earth’s atmosphere
Universe and everything in it Includes Earth Neighbors Other bodies in universe

3 Meteorology Study of the air around our planet Weather Climate change

4 Geology Study of the materials that make up Earth and the processes that form and change these materials Ex. Rocks, earthquakes, find resources

5 Oceanography Study of the oceans Creatures Water
Effects of human activities

6 Earth Systems System – parts working together
Ex. Circulatory system (heart, blood vessels, blood, etc… all work together to pump blood throughout body) In Earth Science, all parts of the earth affect other parts. If one part does not work properly, it affects the other parts.

7 Earth’s Spheres Lithosphere Rigid other shell of the planet
Includes crust, rigid part of upper mantle

8 Hydrosphere All water on Earth
Oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, groundwater, glaciers, water in atmosphere

9 Atmosphere Blanket of air that surrounds the Earth

10 Biosphere All organisms on Earth as well as the environments in which they live

11 Earth Systems Each sphere does not work in isolation, they all work together For example; Oil spill in ocean, affects hydrosphere and biosphere Volcano erupting affects lithosphere and atmosphere

12 Branches and Spheres Collage
Using the magazines given create a collage of the following: At least one picture representing each branch of Earth Science At least one picture representing each of Earth’s spheres You must label each for credit!!!

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