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Receiving and Returning ILL Items

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1 Receiving and Returning ILL Items
Sue Kaler Interlibrary Loan Supervisor Wellesley Free Library

2 Items should be shipped directly to the Requesting Library
Wellesley ILL will create OCLC constant data with your library’s address Lenders should ship directly to you You will have to inform Wellesley ILL when you receive the requested item You will have to inform Wellesley ILL when you return the item to the lender Wellesley ILL can mediate between you and the lender in case of issues

3 When you receive an item
Was it shipped to the correct place? Is it for your patron? Is it the correct item? Check editions and publication date Check format Are there condition issues? Is it complete? How many parts, pieces, inserts, etc. does it have? Is it a book with a disc inserted? Contact Wellesley ILL with issues

4 What about the lender? Who is the lender?
Have they imposed restrictions? In-library use only No renewals Needs boxed return Needs trackable return from USPS or Fedex/UPS Must be insured for return Did they provide a return address? What if there is none?

5 Sources of Return Addresses
Packaging Paperwork Massachusetts Delivery Directory OCLC WorldCat Registry Advanced Search OCLC Symbol Google and Telephone



8 What about the due date? What does the due date mean?
Where do you find a due date? Special circumstances: Library of Congress due dates University of Mass Amherst due dates Do they really mean No Renewal?

9 What information does Wellesley need?
The ILL Request Number This is not the Illiad Transaction Number Enough of the author & title to identify the item Contents out of the ordinary Number of parts or reels, CD-Rom not sent, etc. Condition problems Where it came from When you think it is due Amount you were charged

10 Received Form Bookmark this URL Use this form for reporting items you have received that are, indeed, for you If you think you did not request something, please us directly


12 To inform us you are returning
Use the returned form at this URL We need much less information


14 Alternate checkbox method to receive and return
Log in as if to make an ILL request at Click on “check the status of your ILL items” There are check boxes for Received this item Request Renewal Returned this item There is a button at the bottom to send your updates


16 How to return items Many items come through delivery and can be returned through delivery Packaging for delivery We want them to keep lending to us Some items come through the mail, but can be returned by delivery Why do certain libraries avoid shipping via delivery but not mind delivery returns? Simplicity for their student workers? Speeding the item to the patron?

17 Using the U.S. Postal Service
Library Rate is not always the cheapest You pay for the first whole pound First Class is cheaper for very light items This is true up to about 8 ounces Check rates at Click and Ship versus postage meters Endicia Flat rate boxes for Priority Mail Insurance and tracking

18 Returning to Alaska or Hawaii
Library Rate is extremely slow Priority or First Class is the way to go Check rates for Flat Rate versus your packaging Flat Rate envelopes Flat Rate boxes of several sizes It gets quite expensive beyond the lightest items

19 Returning to Canada Library Rate is not an option
The only options are First Class International or Priority Mail International Consider Flat Rate envelopes or boxes A U.S. Customs form is needed Green up to four pounds, white above that A certain text is needed for Canadian customs If this is neglected, the Canadian library has to pay customs fees

20 Canadian customs text Attn: Revenue Canada Tariff: GST Code 51 International Loans Between Libraries (International Act of 1978) No Commercial Value: Any Value Stated Is For Insurance Purposes Only

21 Text for National Library of Canada’s items
Attn: Revenue Canada Tariff: or GST Code 66 Property of the National Library of Canada returned on Interlibrary Loan

22 UPS or Fedex Certain libraries require return via UPS or Fedex
Library of Congress, Princeton, the Navy Department library in Washington, DC, etc. This is either because mail is irradiated, materials are deemed to be safer in the hands of a courier, speedy delivery is needed or proof of return is desirable. In almost all cases UPS Ground or Fedex Ground is OK These items are automatically insured to a certain limit and extra insurance can be purchased Costs vary by weight and distance

23 U.S. Postal Service Options
You can get tracking via the post office You can get delivery confirmation via the post office You can get insurance via the post office In some cases, some combination of these services may substitute for UPS or Fedex LC is OK with this although they prefer UPS

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