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Holli Moseman Interlibrary Loan Supervisor Indiana State University 812-237-2566.

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1 Holli Moseman Interlibrary Loan Supervisor Indiana State University 812-237-2566

2 Staffing at ISU 2004 5 full-time staff members 20-35 student hrs/wk 2010/2011 2 full-time staff members 50-70 student hrs/wk

3 Truths we had to accept We cannot be perfect! Mistakes occur Turnaround time may be longer Quality may go down We cannot keep detailed records Students can do more Staff tasks can become student tasks Problem forms ILLiad routing rules Deflections are useful Better to deflect than to age Delivery of an article is counted in the turnaround time

4 Question everything Make a list Tasks Processes

5 5 Things Custom holdings Reciprocal contracts Free groups Renewals and due dates IFM and invoice charges

6 Custom holdings Our set-up is based on cheapest & then fastest Books: Indiana US free lenders US lenders that charge Grouped by $5 to $10 International free

7 Custom holdings Articles Indiana Odyssey US Odyssey US Email Indiana print copies Freebies Odyssey/Email pay Print pay

8 Custom holding tricks Who sends via Odyssey? Use ILLiad – custom request search, tracking equals Odyssey Document Received Who sends via Email? Start with who is sending emails to you now

9 Custom holding tricks Who belongs to what groups? Look in OCLC Polices https://illpolicies.oclc.org Search for Group Affiliation Display Symbols Open the WorldCat Adminstrative Module AdmBuildLogonPage?show=admin&language=en AdmBuildLogonPage?show=admin&language=en Staff ILL Settings – Custom Holdings Groups Copy/Paste symbols

10 Reciprocal contracts A reciprocal contract is a binding written contract between two libraries to provide ILL services for free.

11 Reciprocal contracts Who should we offer the contract to? ALL AND ANY CHARGING LIBRARIES THAT CAN LEND! Send them anyway you can think of: By email By fax By mail To listserves

12 Reciprocal contracts Statistics on how much we have borrowed versus how much we have lent – do not predict future use if they are now free. Example: CLO is a $18 lender, we charged $15 Pre-contract 2008: ISU lent 6 items at $15, borrowed 1 at $18 Post-contract 2010: ISU lent 3 items, borrowed 16 at no charge

13 Reciprocal contracts Create a contract that has the following: Library information What will be free Contract expiration Signatures and Dates

14 Reciprocal contracts See example

15 Free groups LVIS (Libraries Very Interested in Sharing) who_we_are/OCLC/lvis.html SO6 GAC/UL (SIXX; Solinet free articles) SL#N (Solinet free loans) Global Sharing Group (International free sharing) A-Glance/Resource-Sharing-Groups.aspx

16 Renewals Our previous policy = 30 day due date +30 day renewal Avg return was 45 days Processing renewals in ILLiad & our ILS >1 hr/day

17 Renewals Our current policy = 60 day due date, no renewals Avg return is still 45 days Processing renewals in ILLiad <5 mins/day

18 Spending Time Pays Off: Checking IFM Libraries mistakenly charged us Over $3,000 in 2009 $368 in 2010 Download your IFM charges: http://www.stats.oclc.org

19 Spending Time Pays Off: Checking IFM Contact charging library and ask for a dummy request Charging library creates the fake request Charged library fills the request and charges the dummy amount Charging library updates to receive

20 Questions and other ways to save time and money Please remember to fill out your evaluation form

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