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Elements of Drama & William Shakespeare

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1 Elements of Drama & William Shakespeare

2 Is intended to be acted out.
Drama Is intended to be acted out. There are two types of dramas: Comedy & tragegy

3 Comedy Tragedy Is often humorous and amusing
Presents serious events, ends unhappily Tragedy

4 Dialogue A conversation between characters in a literary work.                                      

5 Function of Dialogue Dialogue brings characters to life by revealing their personalities and by showing what they are thinking and feeling as they react to other characters.

6 Scene Design A subdivision of an act in a play. Each scene usually takes place in a specific setting and time.

7 Function of the Scene Design
The scene design allows the author of the play to create a sense of Setting (see pg. 563).

8 Soliloquies A long speech delivered by a character who is ALONE onstage. See Romeo’s soliloquy in Act II, scene 2 (pg. 609).

9 Function of Soliloquies
A soliloquy typically reveals the private thoughts and emotions of the character.

10 Monologue Monologue- long speech by one single character, though other characters are present. A monologue also reveals private thoughts of characters.

11 Asides In a play, a comment made by a character, but is not heard by the other characters onstage. Example: Act I, scene (pg. 584). Sampson and Gregory speak without Abram hearing.

12 Function of Asides Asides are frequently used to provide information to the audience and to reveal the private thoughts of characters.

13 Foil A character who provides a strong contrast to another character.

14 Function of Foil Characters
A foil may emphasize another character’s distinctive traits or make a character look better by comparison.

15 Often found in brackets [ …… ]
Stage Directions Often found in brackets [ …… ] Describe scenery and how characters speak

16 William Shakespeare Born in 1564 in England Moved to London at age 24
By 1592 was a successful actor and playwright

17 William Shakespeare Wrote 38 plays, 2 epic poems, and over 150 sonnets
Work was well liked, even by the King & Queen Died in 1616

18 William Shakespeare While his plays were well liked, it was not until after his death that they reached major publication and widespread fame.

19 William Shakespeare Shakespeare’s works were (and still are) performed at the Globe Theater in London.

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