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Welcome to BLT Online NQT Induction. Points We Will Cover: What is BLT Online NQT Service? What are the advantages of using it? User roles on the site.

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1 Welcome to BLT Online NQT Induction

2 Points We Will Cover: What is BLT Online NQT Service? What are the advantages of using it? User roles on the site Registering new NQTs Submitting NQT assessments What happens when an NQT finishes their induction? Support

3 What is BLT Online NQT Service?

4 BLT Online NQT Service BLT Online NQT Service is the new NQT area on our already very popular BLT Online site Use BLT Online to book all of your courses and purchase all of your traded services The BLT Online site can be accessed at The NQT website for all information regarding the induction process provided by Buckinghamshire Learning Trust, support forms, advice and guidance is at

5 BLT Online NQT Service

6 What Are The Advantages?

7 The Advantages No more huge email attachments No more scanning signatures No need to send anything in the post to us Automatic sign-off process for assessments All NQT records from each school stored securely online More efficient, stream-lined process for schools and the BLT NQT team

8 User Roles in the NQT Area of BLT Online

9 NQT User Role An ‘NQT’ can…. View their registration form Review, add comments and sign off each assessment Add evidence (if they wish to)

10 Induction Tutor User Role An ‘Induction Tutor’ can…. Add new users Add registration forms Write and sign off assessments Have access to all NQTs’ records assigned to that induction tutor (even after the NQT has completed their induction) Add evidence for their NQT (if they wish to)

11 Headteacher User Role An ‘Headteacher’ can…. Add new users Add registration forms Read and sign off assessments Have access to all NQTs’ records assigned to that school (even after completion of induction) Add evidence for their NQTs (if they wish to)

12 What happens if I have mentors as well as induction tutors? At present, a school can have as many Induction Tutors and Headteachers on the system as required but an NQT can only be assigned 1 Induction Tutor and 1 Headteacher. We are in discussions with the web company about the possibility of introducing a mentor role. If you require your mentors to have induction tutor access instead of the current induction tutor assigned to your NQTs but you still wish your induction tutor to have access to all of the NQT’s records we can provide the main induction tutor with reviewer rights (which work the same way as Headteacher rights). Please contact us at if you would like more information.

13 Registering an NQT

14 To Register an NQT School bursar purchases NQT induction package on Traded Services e-store and puts it into basket. BLT request key details before processing the invoice to ensure NQT is eligible for induction. Once details confirmed, invoice is released and Induction Tutor/Head can add NQT as new user (see below):

15 When logged in as Induction Tutor or Head, select ‘add NQT’ from ‘NQTs’ dropdown list in order to set up a new user

16 Complete the registration form including all mandatory fields (marked with a red *)

17 Induction end date will auto populate (therefore can be left blank) IF the following 3 conditions apply: 1) The NQT starts their induction period on 1 st September 2) The NQT is working full time AND 3) The NQT has not served any part of their induction already. If these conditions do NOT apply, enter the completion date you believe to be correct and put a note in the ‘induction end notes’ field. The NQT admin team will be able to check this field when they authorise the form.

18 If an NQT Has Served Part of Their Induction Elsewhere On the registration form, select ‘yes’ radio button in the ‘Has the NQT already completed part of their induction elsewhere?’ field: Then click ‘Add new school’ to add details of previous school and number of assessments completed there. After submitting the registration form, upload the previous assessment(s) into the evidence section (which can be found next to the NQT’s name on your list of registered NQTs).

19 What Happens Next? On saving the registration form, it will be submitted to the BLT NQT Admin team for approval. Once approved, the Induction Tutor and NQT will be emailed confirmation, along with assessment due dates. The first assessment will then be ‘unlocked’ for use.

20 Assessments

21 Find your NQTs via Manage NQTs Make sure you click search otherwise no NQTs will be displayed

22 Once you have selected your NQT… Click on ‘Assessment dates and forms’ to be taken to the ‘NQT Assessments’ page where you can view and complete assessments for the relevant NQT:

23 The NQT Assessments page… On the NQT assessments page you can complete assessments, download and print assessments, add evidence and see due dates for the 3 assessments If you believe any of the assessment due dates to be incorrect please contact NQT admin on

24 Important Points to Note Clicking on ‘Download PDF’ will return a blank form until the assessment form has been completed (and turns green). Assessment forms uploaded by us prior to 23/02/15 (go live date) can be accessed by clicking ‘view evidence’ (not ‘download PDF’ in the assessment form section). Please note you will be unable to move on to the next assessment until the previous one has been completed and signed-off by the NQT, the Headteacher and NQT Admin. It will remain red until it is ‘open’ to edit.

25 To add text to an assessment When logged on as the Induction Tutor, click on the relevant assessment form to add text to it.

26 Save continuously whilst writing the assessment. You can continue to write and save the assessment at any point up until the confirmation box has been ticked. Mandatory enforcement for fields will be applied once you have ticked the final confirmation checkbox. Once the assessment is ready for submission, tick the confirmation box at the end of the form and click ‘Save’.

27 The Sign-off Process Induction tutor ticks confirmation box and saves NQT receives email from the system and logs on to review, comment and sign-off form Headteacher receives email from the system then logs on to review and sign-off form NQT Admin team receive notification. Once they have confirmed the form, the Induction tutor and NQT receive email notification. The next assessment will be ‘unlocked’ for use at the next assessment point.

28 The Evidence Area

29 Evidence Assessments submitted to the BLT NQT Admin team before 23 rd February 2015 have been uploaded into the NQT evidence area. Evidence area can be used to store documents such as assessments from previous schools, action plans or lesson observations but is not mandatory. From the Manage NQTs search results, navigate to the NQT and click ‘Evidence’…

30 You can then add, view, edit or delete evidence Click on ‘add evidence’ to upload a document

31 What Happens When an NQT Completes Induction?

32 Completion of Induction NQT Admin team authorises final assessment. If NQT has successfully completed, a confirmation letter is emailed (from the system) to Induction Tutor, Headteacher and NQT. NQT Admin Team update NQT’s record on the National College for Teaching & Leadership’s website and they (NCTL) will email confirmation of successful completion to the NQT directly, along with instructions on how to access their certificate. Records of all previous NQTs (only those who started the process from September 2014) can be found by selecting ‘NQT Induction Complete’ (from the dropdown ‘NQT stage’) in search box on Manage NQTs page. BLT NQT Admin Team can also access all previous NQTs’ records in the same way.

33 Support

34 User guides (including FAQs) were emailed out on 20 th February to all users Updated user guides can be found on our website and on the homepage of BLT Online when you have logged in Please ensure users let us know if they change their email address The NQT team are available to help at or on 01296 382859 (Izzy Hall) or 01296 387354 (Shannon Collins)

35 Thank you for attending this training demo Any questions?

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