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1 Expose – Acquire - Engage. 2 Would you agree that technology has changed the way you do business?

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1 1 Expose – Acquire - Engage

2 2 Would you agree that technology has changed the way you do business?

3 Would this make sense? What if I told you today that if you were to give me $1.00 you would receive $8.00 in return? How many times would you want to do that per day? =

4 Small businesses should compete for an Internet presence! If your competitors are on the First Page of Google and your business is not…do you think it is COSTING YOU MONEY?

5 Wouldn’t you agree that your customers are spending a lot of time here? 5

6 It’s your business…what are your advertising options in our changing world? 6 You can reallocate money from these ineffective methods of advertising to online advertising with AdzZoo that is GUARANTEED TO WORK! Let’s get started TODAY! NewspapersBankrupt/Closing TVDVR/TiVo TelemarketingDo Not Call List Direct MailTrash Can Yellow PagesRecycle Bin E-MailSpam Software

7 The Next Major Advertising Dollar Transfer! 7 $75 BILLION ANNUALLY $150 billion is spent on local advertising annually. Market Trend Experts projected that up to 50% will be spent online in the next 10 years. That means that $75 Billion dollars will leave traditional advertising! AdzZoo is the FIRST company positioned for small and medium sized businesses to help get them there!

8 A recent New York Times Article said it best… “…search advertising is probably the most effective form of marketing ever invented.” “No other form of online advertising – or offline advertising, for that matter – has come close to matching the effectiveness of search ads ”

9 Large Corporations have their web presence Small Business Better Start NOW! Mid Sized Companies are building a presence Small Retailers and Mom and Pop Shops Have almost Zero web presence! Top 500

10 Where is your web presence? 10 You are competing with One Trillion Websites!

11 Your Business Needs FIRST PAGE Presence! 11

12 Where is Web Traffic? It’s on the Major Search Engines 12 In 2006, there were 2.7 billion searches per month being performed on Google In 2009, there were 61 billion searches being performed on Google

13 Traffic is Everywhere The WEB Is! Social Networks 150 million active U.S. Facebook users Average user spends 55 minutes per day on Facebook 1 in 4 U.S. Internet page views occurred on networking sites 13 Smart Phones & Mobile Devices These devices account for a growing number of searches on the web every year! They outnumber computers 9:1 Popular Websites & Search Engines Consumers are utilizing the web to find goods and services more and more everyday!

14 AdzZoo Offers Proven Solutions Geo-Targeting Technology AdzZoo target ONLY the markets business owners service when customers are searching the major search engines! 14 Mobile Text Marketing Campaigns AdzZoo gives business owners a dedicated campaign coach and a system to show you how to capture cell phone numbers to create text marketing campaigns for advertising business owner specials and promotions.! Social Network Marketing AdzZoo pushes business owner information out to the most popular social network on the Net using users interests for target marketing. GPS Device Searches AdzZoo submits business owner information to the National GPS database for distribution to ALL the GPS manufacturers.

15 AdzZoo creates The Digital Media Hub Solution for Small Business 15 An AdzZoo Optimized Landing Page Social Networks Mobile Texting Marketing Mobile and Car GPS Devices Major Search Engines Over 98 Business Directories

16 Analytics to measure your campaigns effectiveness Monthly reporting on: Total Impressions Total Clicks Average Ad Position Driving Directions and More… 16 Campaign monitoring & optimization for maximum online exposure

17 Some business owners options Employ Internet Experts $85,000+ a year Enter lengthy SEO contracts $2k-15k monthly Do it yourself and take a chance on ignoring your business Do Nothing & let your competitors have your business! OR Begin an AdzZoo Complete Web Presence Campaign and be where your customers are searching! Henry Ford said it best “A man who stops advertising to save money is like man who stops his watch to save time.”

18 AdzZoo Can Be Your Solution! We Guarantee your business will be seen on the First Page of Major Search Engines Think About this! 80% of searchers never go past the first page of search engines. Relevancy is KING on the Internet! Utilizing AdWords campaigns without experts can be costly and ineffective. AdzZoo Guarantees results! John Hanke, Vice President of Product Management for Google said in a recent New York Times article: ”We are acknowledging that AdWords is really complex for small-business owners” New York Times article: 2/13/10 18

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