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The Race Down South By: Troy Taladay.

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1 The Race Down South By: Troy Taladay









10 5 Hours Later


12 The End

13 Lightning: Zzzzzz *snoring* Mater: Lightning, GET UP! We have to go, the race is in one day and we have to drive all the way to Daytona, Florida for the Daytona 500! Lightning: Oh gosh, we better fuel up and get right on the road, I hope we make it in time! Mater: We have to figure out which way to go before we can leave. Lightning: I think the best way to go is from NY to PA then to West Virginia and Virginia, go through North Carolina and then Georgia and we will be in Florida where the race is. Mater: Sounds good to me, lets hit the road! Lightning: I wish we could stay in NY; it has so many cool things to look at and see, like the statue of liberty! Mater: That was pretty cool! Especially when we got to drive to the top of the head! Lightning: I’m sure going to miss NY, but there are a lot of things we can look a on our way to Florida in all the different states. Mater: Yeah, just think of it as a new adventure every time we go into another state.

14 Lightning: That’s a good idea, we are about to enter PA. Mater: You know what’s in PA, don’t you? Lightning: No? what? Mater: The president of the US lives here! He lives in the White House in Washington, DC. Lightning: That’s sooooo cool! Let’s go visit him. Mater: We can’t if you want to make it to the race on time. Lightning: Ughh, I wish we could just get one picture with him! Well anyways, I guess we better keep on chugging away! Lightning: Look! We just crossed the border and are now in West Virginia! Mater: My favorite football team, the West Virginia Mountaineers play here! Let’s go to the stadium and see if they are playing! Lightning: Nu uh! I don’t want to be late for the race so we are not stopping. Mater: Last time I was there was when I ran out onto the field with the cheerleading team. It’s been so long, I guess we can come back some other time to see them play. It looks like we are going to be in Virginia next. Lightning: O O O!! Let’s go to Virginia Beach! I love the feeling of the sand on my tires! Mater: Me too! One of the best feelings in the world, but you know what I am going to say about that. Lightning: Yeah yeah, I know. If we stop we are going to be late for the race so we can’t stop! I just wish I could built a big sandcastle! Mater: Sorry buddy, maybe next time if we aren’t so far behind. Cheer up, our next adventure is about to begin as we enter NC. Lightning: I’ve never had been here before, what is here? Mater: What’s here? Only the best family in the world! My mom and dad live here and this is where I was brought up! I can see myself now, playing in the front yard with the neighbor, Luigi. We should go visit my parents, I’m sure they miss me a lot! Lightning: Im sorry Mater, you know we can’t stop or we are going to be late. You will see them very soon for your birthday anyways. Mater: Yeah, I guess.

15 Lightning: Now you’re the one who needs to cheer up! We’re Georgia now and almost to the race! Mater: I still wish I got to see my family! Lightning: How about after the race, me and you can go back up to NY and on our way, we can stop and do all of the things that we want to without any rush? Mater: That sounds great! I can’t wait! Lightning: Me either, but for now, it’s time to get ready for the race…We are here! Mater: You won! You won! You are the best racer in the world! Lightning: I could’ve never done it if it wasn’t for you! Thanks buddy Mater: Aww thanks pal! You’re the best! You know what we get to do now?! Lightning: No, what? Mater: We get to visit my family, go to the beach, meet the president, watch my favorite football team, climb the statue of liberty and best of all, do it with my best friend! Lightning: I am so excited, I can’t wait to meet your family and drive all the way back up the east coast with my best buddy!

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