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Come on! Let’s take a field trip to the Timberline High School Pool.

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2 Come on! Let’s take a field trip to the Timberline High School Pool.

3 Hey, Mr. Barnes! What should I expect to see when we go swimming? Well student, I’m glad you asked. I have put together some pictures that will give you an idea of what to expect as we get ready to head to the pool for swimming. I know, some of you are a little nervous because maybe it’s your first time swimming…maybe you are embarrassed because you can’t swim. It’s going to be OK! It is natural to feel a little nervous so I understand. Remember that I am going to be there with you to help you. You will not be forced to do anything you are not comfortable doing.

4 You will be looking through the eyes of the line leader so here we go! Here we are at the cedar tree at the front doors of our gym at Lakes. The building behind the trees is where we will be going. The pool is inside this building.

5 Please stop at the office to pick up a crossing guard flag! Make certain all cars have completely stopped before entering the crosswalk. We want to cross as quickly as possible, but do NOT run. Stay grouped together so we can cross safely.

6 Busy Parking Lot Just because we have made it safely across the street doesn’t mean we stop watching for cars. Please use the sidewalk when possible to avoid cars driving through the lot.

7 We’re getting closer… Now it’s getting easy to see the pool building. You see it? Notice the crosswalks and sidewalk…use them.

8 Now I see it…I think. There it is! Look, it’s back there.

9 Finally, we made it! This is what you see as you walk through the front doors. You will stop here on the first day so Mr. Barnes can explain to you step by step where things are, how things will work, and what to do next. Just so you know the locker rooms are in this area. You will change in the locker rooms when you get out of the pool. If you mess around in the locker room you will miss pool time the next swim day. Get in, get dressed, get out, & get in line.

10 Both Locker Rooms Look the Same? Really? YES! Showers…pretty basic. Be respectful! No playing around, no screaming, no banging on the wall, no inappropriate comments…be smart! Swim time will be lost for those who choose not to behave appropriately.

11 OK are you ready to see the pool? Isn’t she a beauty?

12 Sorry, just kidding. Here it is.

13 Have a seat please. Boys will put their belongings on these bleachers. Keep your clothes off the floor because they will get wet. Trust me. Girls will be seated here. Keep your clothes and belongings off the floor because they will get wet.

14 Be Cool, Follow the Rule!

15 MORE RULES!!! That’s right, lots of rules. This is the diving tank or what some people might call the deep pool. This pool it totally separated from the lap pool. Need I say more? DIVING BOARD

16 On your mark, set, DON’T go! These orange caps cover the starting blocks that are used by the swim team for their races. Do NOT climb on or hang from the starting blocks.

17 …well?... As you can see it really isn’t a big deal. We have an opportunity that none of the other Lacey elementary schools have. We get to learn about swimming, floating and being water safe. My goal is to help you be prepared when you are in, on and around the water whether it be at a swimming pool at home or a lake when you are fishing or boating. If you can’t swim make it your goal to learn how to float. If you are afraid of the water, make it your goal to at least get in the water. Not everybody will have the same goal. We will be safe and we will have fun learning about water safety. Remember, it’s OK to be a little nervous but don’t panic. Feel free to stop by the gym and ask me questions.

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