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Georgia’s New Dual Enrollment Program

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1 Georgia’s New Dual Enrollment Program
Move on When Ready Georgia’s New Dual Enrollment Program

2 MOWR Overview This is a new Dual Enrollment option for eligible 11th and 12th grade students. Students who participate will take all of their courses at the college campus (at least 12 hours per semester). Students receive credit at both the high school and college. The state pays for students’ tuition, fees and materials (NOT books).

3 Who Pays for…? Tuition, Fees, materials Books
Food/Lodging/ Transportation Provided through the State DOE Students and Parents/guardians

4 Who is eligible for MOWR?
Residents of Georgia who: Are juniors or seniors and are on track to graduate. Meet the dual enrollment eligibility criteria of the college/tech. school they wish to attend. Have been enrolled in a public high school in Georgia for at least one year.

5 MOWR Enrollment Process
Parents and students meet with counselors and complete sign off form Student completes paper MOWR application form and submits to high school counselor Student approved by eligible postsecondary institution for admission to the program

6 Dual Enrollment HOPE Grant Accel Move On When Ready Early College
Gateway To College Early College Articulation Residential

7 How Do Students Maintain Eligibility?
Students must be enrolled full-time (12+ hours) in an eligible institution as long as they are attending the school. Students who drop below full-time status for any reason during the term forfeit their eligibility to continue in Move on When Ready and must return to the home high school. This may result in loss of credit and may cause a student to become off track for graduation. Read the question above and then each of the points below.

8 What Are Coursework Options For MOWR?
Courses can be taken during the traditional school day hours or beyond. MOWR courses must be selected from a list provided by the state. It includes academic and technical courses only. No arts classes or other non-academic electives are available at this time. Read the question above and then the points under it.

9 What Are The Testing Requirements For MOWR?
Students must meet all state assessment requirements. End of Course Tests. Georgia High School Graduation Tests. Because students must meet the dual enrollment criteria set by the school they wish to attend, students may need to register for SAT or ACT ASAP.

10 How is credit awarded? Students will earn high school credit for courses successfully completed at an eligible postsecondary institution.

11 Three to five semester hour credit = 1 high school unit credit
How is credit awarded? Secondary credit for postsecondary courses will be awarded according to the following conversion beginning in the school year: One to two semester hour credits = .5 high school unit credit Three to five semester hour credit = 1 high school unit credit One to three quarter hour credits = .5 high school unit credit Four to eight quarter hour credit = 1 high school unit credit

12 Other FAQ’s How do I get more information?
Links to important documents, including forms, frequently asked questions, and this PowerPoint presentation are all available on the district’s website. If you decide that you are interested in MOWR, see the dual enrollment coordinator at your school. 2. Will MOWR students be eligible to take college courses during summer sessions too? No. Read the slides. 1. Also MOWR doesn’t pay for remediation or learning support courses. 2. The payment process is still being evaluated by the GaDOE budget and finance, FTE and IT areas. Once a final procedure is created we will pass that information on to you.

13 Other FAQ’s 3. What is the difference between MOWR and ACCEL? MOWR students must be full time at all times, while Accel students do not. Accel only deals with core academic courses while MOWR includes core and Career Technical Agriculture Education courses on the Dual Enrollment Matrix. Funding is also different. Accel hours count against the HOPE hours cap but MOWR does not. 4. How does MOWR affect HOPE eligibility? Students who participate in MOWR receive credit on their high school transcripts. Those courses will factor in to students’ HOPE GPAs to determine HOPE eligibility.

14 Other FAQ’s 5. Can MOWR students still participate in sports and extracurricular activities at their high schools? Yes.

15 The End

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