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Permanent Temporary Electromagnets

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1 Permanent Temporary Electromagnets
Types of magnets Permanent Temporary Electromagnets

2 Magnet An object that attracts certain materials Iron and steel

3 Magnets Magnetism: force exerted by a magnet
Magnetic Poles: part of magnet where force is strongest Every magnet has 2 poles (North & South) Opposites attract Like repel Break a magnet = 2 new magnets

4 Magnets Magnetic field: region around magnet in which magnet exerts force Magnetic field lines

5 Magnets Magnetic domain: group of atoms whose magnetic fields are aligned

6 Magnets Permanent and temporary magnets Drop
Expose to high temperatures Earth: magnetic field

7 Electromagnetism Magnetism that results from an electric current
Charge particle---electron---moves and creates a magnetic field

8 List 3 ways that the strength of an electromagnet can be controlled.
What are the 2 benefits of an electromagnet?

9 Electromagnet Magnet made by placing a piece of iron or steel (ferromagnet ic core) inside a coil of wire

10 Electromagnet

11 Electromagnet Can be turned off and on
Can control the strength of the magnet Voltage source (increase = increase strength) # times coil is wrapped around the core (increase # = increase strength) How close together the coils are (closer = increase strength) Size of ferromagnetic core (increase size = increase strength)

12 Magnets--Current Magnets can be used to generate electric current.
Generator: a device that converts the energy of motion (kinetic energy) into electrical energy Shaft of generator turns Rotation of shaft causes coils of wire to spin---creates a magnetic field Coils cross magnetic field line-----electric current created

13 Magnets--Current Direct current Electric charge flows in ONE direction
Produced by batteries Alternating current Flow of electric charge that reverses direction at regular intervals Home and school

14 Magnets--Current Transformer
A device that increase or decreases voltage Use magnetism to control the amount of voltage Consists of 2 coils of wire wrapped around an iron ring

15 Magnets--Current Watt Unit of measurement for power

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