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Alex Bauman. Alphabet Photography Triptychs Mono with a Splash.

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1 Alex Bauman

2 Alphabet Photography

3 Triptychs

4 Mono with a Splash

5 Elements of Design  Line  Shape/Form  Space  Value  Color  Texture

6 Line Photography



9 Shape/Form

10 Space

11 Positive and Negative Space

12 Deep Space

13 Shallow Space

14 Framing

15 Value



18 Color



21 Texture



24 Principles of Design  Repetition/Pattern  Balance  Emphasis  Contrast (in B&W)  Movement  Unity

25 Pattern/Repetition

26 Balance

27 Focal Point

28 Contrast

29 Movement

30 Unity

31 Portrait




35 Paschke Portrait I used the cutout filter on the entire portrait I made rows and columns of highly saturated color using the rectangular marquee tool and hue/saturation I used the magic wand tool to select my eyes and hair then colored and saturated them using hue/saturation I used the polygonal lasso tool to select areas of the portrait without color and filled them in using hue/saturation

36 Ed Paschke Research Biography  Born and raised in Chicago in 1939  Went to the School of the Art Institute  Influenced by Picasso, Seurat and Gauguin  His art incorporates many bright colors  Mainly portraits of people

37 Ed Paschke and His Work Photo of PaschkeBlue Fish

38 Ed Paschke and His Work Cont. VinoAdagio

39 Snow Day ContrastSNOW

40 Foreshortening

41 Obscuring

42 Forced Perspective


44 Surrealism Research What is surrealism? Who were famous surrealist artists? “Surrealism works feature the element of surprise, unexpected juxtapositions [placing multiple abstract objects near each other] and non sequitur [a statement that doesn’t logically follow the previous argument]”  Salvador Dali  Rene Magritte  Giorgio de Chirico  Max Ernst  Yves Tanguy

45 Surrealism Research When and where did surrealism originate?

46 Surrealist Paintings Salvador Dali- The Persistence of Memory Rene Magritte- The Son of Man Yves Tanguy- Reply to Red

47 Juxtaposition

48 Distortion/Dislocation

49 Disguising

50 Fragmentation

51 Feathering

52 Surrealism Collage

53 Cameo Appearance in Famous Work of Art

54 Cameo Appearance in a Movie Scene

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