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Digital Photography and Design Spring 2013 Cassie Cowperthwaite.

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1 Digital Photography and Design Spring 2013 Cassie Cowperthwaite

2 Alphabet Photography

3 Triptych

4 Mono with a Splash

5 Elements of Design  Lines  Shape/Form  Space  Value  Color  Texture

6 Lines



9 Shape



12 Space

13 Positive and Negative Space

14 Shallow Space

15 Deep Space

16 Framing

17 Value




21 Color




25 Texture



28 Principles of Design o Repetition/Pattern o Balance o Emphasis o Contrast o Movement o Unity

29 Repetition/Pattern

30 Balance

31 Emphasis/Focal Point

32 Contrast

33 Movement/Rhythm

34 Unity

35 Portrait




39 Snow Day Framing

40 Snow Day Space

41 Snow Day

42 About Ed Paschke  Born in Chicago in 1939  Student at Art Institute of Chicago  He lived in Chicago most of his life  Loved cartoons as a child which influenced him to want to become a painter  Father was created and inspired him as well  Uses a lot of color and lines in paintings  Mostly paints violence  Paints for expression and abstraction

43 Ed Paschke Lots of Hue/Saturation Changes Level Changes Brightness Changes Artisitic Filters Posterize Added cheetah print on face Added zebra as background Desaturated Background Changed Opacity

44 Ed Paschke (Additional)

45 Foreshortening

46 Obscuring the image

47 Forced Perspective

48 Surreal Research  Surrealism developed after World War I (early 20 th century) and was inspired by the Dada movement.  People started rebelling the traditional ways of life and thinking beyond reality.  Andre Breton was the founder of Surrealism because he was exposed to the horrors of war.  The surrealist movement started in Paris.  The most famous surrealists were Salvador Dali, Max Ernst, Rene Magritte, and Joan Miro.

49 Juxtaposition

50 Distortion/Dislocation

51 Disguising

52 Fragmentation

53 Feathering

54 Surreal Collage My surreal collage shows dancers dancing on a rainbow in the sky and me flying almost like a fairy. I used feathering on some of the dancers to blend them into the rainbow and sky more. I also used juxtaposition to blend the wings into the dancer to make it look like she’s flying. Dislocation was also applied, and I changed the opacity.

55 Cameo Appearance in a Famous Work of Art I first took a picture of me in a scenery that would fit into the painting (walking through a forest on a beautiful fall day). Then, I used my magic wand to cut out the background. Using the clone stamp, I was able to easily soften the edges of the picture and merge it into the painting. By resizing the image and putting it to scale, I made the photo perfectly blend into the painting.

56 Cameo Appearance in a Movie Scene I used a scene from the movie “Charlie St. Cloud” and added my dad, my sister, and I riding on a jet ski in the background. To make it seem more realistic, I used the feathering technique, the blur tool, and clone stamp. The masks really helped blend the images together.

57 Impressionist Research  Impressionism first started in the 19 th century in France, and is characterized by loose brushwork and light colors.  Instead of using carefully painted brush stokes, impressionists used a broken colorbrush technique which changed the way paintings looked.  It emerged because people wanting a new way of seeing the world through art.  Some famous impressionists were Claude Monet, Pierre- Auguste Renoir, and Edgar Degas.

58 Impressionist Practice

59 Impressionist Photo

60  Op Art is characterized by the use of optical illusions.  Optical illusions are characterized by being visually perceived a different way that it is in reality.  It started in the 1960s.  Op art is derived from the practices of the Bauhaus, a German school. It later moved to the United States.  Some optical illusion artists include: M.C. Escher, Bridger Riley, Salvador Dali, and Giuseppe Arcimboldo. Op Art Research Slide

61 Black and White Op Art

62 Color Op Art

63 Typo Example 1

64 Typo Example 2

65 Typo Example 3

66 Typography Project

67 Art Show Poster

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