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A day in the life of year 6 at Eldon Grove Primary School in Hartlepool, England. By class 14.

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1 A day in the life of year 6 at Eldon Grove Primary School in Hartlepool, England. By class 14

2 Monday Peter, John and Emily On a Monday morning we get up out of bed at about 7.30.Then we go downstairs and get changed for school then eat out breakfast such as craves, water and coco pops. After that we brush our teeth. Later we watch a bit of television. When it gets near to 8.30 we start setting of to come to school. When we get to school we go into our cloakroom take our cots and bags of and then go upstairs to out classroom. Upstairs we sometimes read, talk and play. Then we get registered in. At exactly 9:00. Our first lesson on a Monday is usually literacy and then we go to assembly. After that we go back to class and carry on with our work. When we've dont that we go out to play. Play time is where we go out to play and talk to our friends. After we do 2 more lessons we then go to eat our lunch. When we have ate our dinner we go outside and walk over to the field which is a place with lots of grass and usually has a hill. We stay there for about half an hour and then go back to school and carry on with lessons. When we get back to school we to R.E and reading. Finally the bell rings and it is time for us to go home from school. After school Emily goes to dancing class where you learn to dance, Peter plays out with his friends and then go back home and watch television and John helps his dad cook in the Chinese.

3 Tuesday Caitlin, Nicole and Rachel Tuesday,Get up at 7 Eat breakfast at 8:00 then get washed brush teeth Get ready for school. Then some of us walk to school with our friends. After that, we start our day with Numeracy or Literacy. Then we have our assembly and break and then we have our guided reading session. Then it is dinner time. We all have a packed lunch. We all go over to the field after dinner. Then we do 2 lessons and then it is home time.

4 Wednesday Tom On Wednesday I wake up at half seven and I have my breakfast then I go and get changed into my school clothes then I set off to school we start our lessons. Then after lessons we have dinner then we go to the field then we go back to lessons and after we go home and I go to my dads because my mam and dad split up. Nathan On a Wednesday I wake up at half seven then have my breakfast I normally have toast or something like that. Then I walk up to school with my friends. We normally have numeracy then literacy. Because theirs building work on the big yard we go to the field to play. Callum On Wednesday up at 8:00 go in the shower. Then I have my breakfast and get my bag and set of to school We do lessons and then,go to the little yard to play. After dinner we go back and do lessons and the set of home.

5 Thursday Anya, Will, Heather and Molly 7:30-wake up 7:35-get ready 7:40-go downstairs 7:45-have breakfast cookie crisp 8:00-brush teeth and have a wash 8:10-watch telly 8:20-pack bag 8:30-set off to school 8:55-school starts 9:00-assembly 9:15-maths 10:30-break time 10:45-literacy 12:00-lunch 12:55-pshce 14:00-science 15:00-read class novel 15:15-start getting ready to go home 15:20-go home

6 Thursday 17:00- have dinner 18:00- watch telly 19:00-go in the shower 19:30-have supper 20:00- watch telly 21:00-go to bed and read 21:30-go to sleep

7 Friday Jackson, Joe and Ali 8:00- wake up 8:10- breakfast 8:20- brush teeth 8:30- get dressed 8:35-set off for school 9:00- literacy 10:00-assemberly 10:30- break 10:45- p.e 12:00- lunch 13:00-numeracy 14:00- science 15:00-good news 15:20- go home

8 Lewis: I wake up at 8:00 then get out of bed and get ready, then after I get ready I phone Dan Robinson and Joe Sinclair after they come and call for me I go out on my scooter all day, my mam normally gives me £5.00. Then I come in and go on my Xbox 360. After I got to bed at 12:00 or later. Olivia: I wake up at about 8:00 and then get out of bed and watch television, after that I get ready and about 12:00ish I go to my Aunties for like a Sunday dinner and then I go to my Dad's at 4ish and then he drops me off at home at about 6ish.. I go to bed at about 11 and watch television. Saturday

9 Josh Heppenstall: Sunday is a weekend. At 10:30 I get up then at 11 I get in to the shower then 11:30 I have my breakfast witch is toast with butter and chocolate spread. Then 12:00 I get changed in to my football strip. At 12:30 I will set off to football. At 1:00 the game starts. At 1:45 it is half time half time is a time to have a rest before you start again. At 1:55 the second half begins. At 2:40 the match ends. Which means we stop playing. Then 23:50 I will get home then get changed then play out with my friends. Sam Coser On Sunday, witch is a day off school, where you can play all day. i wake up at 10:30 am the I get in the shower at 10:45 then get out at 10:50. after that I go down stairs then have my breakfast witch is toast with chocolate spread or even coco pops, witch is Chocó pops. Sunday

10 We hope that you have learned a lot about what we do during the week. Thank you for watching Class 14

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