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Social impact of using I.T Fahimul Hoque. Local Community Development in IT have lead to changes in the way local communities work. IT has changed the.

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1 Social impact of using I.T Fahimul Hoque

2 Local Community Development in IT have lead to changes in the way local communities work. IT has changed the way people shop. People have the choice to shop online now which has made a huge impact on people of all age’s. This means people don’t have to make the effort to get up and shop. They can just sit down relax and take as much time as they need to choose what they would like to purchase. This saves more time and less expenses. There is a big threat over online shopping which is the only negative point is scammers. Be sure it’s a trusted site. They will ask for your personal details but elderly people for example wouldn't know if the site is trusted. They can take your personal information and steal some of your money. Also Social networking has made a impact for people, they can communicate over the internet which is good if you don’t have the energy to get up and go see them. There is one bad point about social networking is there might be stalkers finding about personal information. Social networking can help organise events for the local community.

3 Availability of jobs IT has made a huge impact on availability for jobs. 18% of the UK are unemployed and this is increasing heavily. One of the reasons are there is new technology about now which has made employers fire the employee’s. For example the sandwich machine maker, this has made the factory’s fire most of the employees because there is no need for them being there. The machine does everything that the employee's do and they do it faster and better. This is good for the business because of less expenses, they wouldn't need to pay wages of check if the employees are doing their jobs right and if they are on time, etc. Ways of IT has affected jobs is that employers now allowed their employees to work from home, there are many advantages about it but also many disadvantage. One advantage is less expenses and spending more time with family and a disadvantage is if you are stuck with the work their will be no one to help you.

4 Inequality in broadband access People should have the right to have broadband access so they can enjoy their rights of freedom. For some people they cant afford internet access because of the cost. Broadband is not available in some rural areas which is also a disadvantage. Some people may have difficulty using a computer if they have a disability of some sort. Treated unfairly for people without internet if urged about internet. There are now more than 16 million internet shoppers in the UK, spending more than £17 billion each year. New data reveals that 56% of internet shoppers are women, while the other 44% are men. More than 10% of credit card purchases are now related to internet purchases. Customers are also more likely to spend more when buying over the internet than when they are shopping at the high street because they have more quantity of everything and have different category’s which makes it faster.

5 Potential threats in IT: Cyber Bullying Potential threats in IT have caused many distress to young people interacting over the internet. Many people get upset and angry over internet and they don’t know how to express it which resolves to disputes. Anger is mostly caused spam messages, sarcastic, offending, rude, racial and humorous comments. Cyber bullying is the main threat over the internet, Suicide is more often thought about when being a victim of cyber bullying. Bullying over the internet has caused many distress for operators, there are different types of threats for example: Cyber bullying, Spam messages. Social networking sites such as Facebook are most commonly used for bullying. 54% of people have admitted they have been a victim of bullying. Ways of not being a victim of bullying is don’t get involved with any sort of trouble and don’t interact with the wrong group or also deactivate any account were you having been receiving comments or put your settings on private this allows no one to see personal information or pictures.

6 Spam, Phishing and Service Denial Spam messages is a huge threat for operators. Sometime if you get spammed to much this may cause the computer to shut down. Spam messages can contain virus’s which can worm through your computer. Spam is where you receive messages on a mass scale. Usually spam mails contain fake websites which leads to phishing. Phishing is a fraud threat which comes in different ways, the main way is fake sites which command personal information so they can hack in. To stop this occurring don’t trust the site which is not trusted. Service of denial is a process which slows your computer down to a point were it can crash. This is done by different computers which send out loads of different types of packets of requests, this could temporarily slow your computer until you sort it out. There are different ways of stopping service of denial, most common one is software programs such as Anti Ddos tools which can stop the Ddos happening. Another way for it to stop is to limit the requests on your website which is basically a way to limit the amount the can use your website.

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