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Poverty in the world By: Lucía Murciano and Mónica Abarrategui.

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1 Poverty in the world By: Lucía Murciano and Mónica Abarrategui

2 Poverty Poverty is the condition of lacking basic human needs, such as nutrition, clean water, health care, clothing, and shelter.


4 Poverty is explained by individual circumstances and/or characterstics of poor people. Some examples are:

5 Amount of education, skill, experience, intelligence. Health, handicaps, age. Work orientation, time horizon, culture of poverty. Discrimination, together with race, sex, etc.


7 Happens when a household takes in less than one US dollar per day. This means that people will not have enough food or medicine and they will have poor clothes and houses. Income poverty is due to people not having access to money or other assets. Income poverty:

8 Non income poverty: Happens when people may have a little bit of money but otherwise the quality of their life is not good. They do not have access to affordable social and physical services (schooling, health care, medicines, safe water, good sanitation, good transport) and they may not feel safe in their homes either because they cannot trust the authorities or because they belong to some particularly vulnerable group.


10 Every 5 seconds a child dies from starvation. 850 people suffer from hunger, 1in 7. Every year, 10 million people die from hunger. More than 180.000 poor people on only $1 a day or even less. 91 children out of 1000 die before their 5th birthday. 12 million people die from lack of water. More than 1 million people don´t have access to water. Every day 16.000 children die from hunger. More than 1 billion people live bellow the international poverty line. 54 countries don´t produce enough food to feed their population. Most of these countries are in Sud-Africa.




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