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Communicating Effectively in the Kommunication Karnival.

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2 Communicating Effectively in the Kommunication Karnival

3 Communication defined Communication is the ability to share information with people and to understand what information and feelings are being conveyed by others.

4 The Kommunication Karnival Verbally or vocally including the tone and pitch Gestures Facial Expressions Eye Contact Signs Listening

5 Communication Carnival Message Channel Feedback Context Sender Receiver

6 The Sender To be an effective communicator… –Know the subject –Know your audience

7 The Message Written, oral, and nonverbal communication can be affected by.. –The sender’s tone of voice –How the message is organized –What is said and what is left out –Personal feelings and intellect

8 The Channel Messages are conveyed through channels.. –Verbally through face to face meetings –Telephone/videoconferencing –Written- letters, emails, memos and reports

9 The Receiver Enters into the communication process with ideas and feelings that will influence their understanding of your message and their response

10 The Feedback Comes in the form of verbal and non- verbal communication. Can come in the form of “Stories at Work”

11 The Context The context is all around, it is the situation in which your message is delivered. –Surrounding environment –Culture

12 Breaking Down Kommunication Barriers at all the Stages The Message- If it is to lengthy, disorganized or error ridden you can expect misunderstanding or misinterpretation -Take time to make your message clear and concise.. -Use the KISS principle

13 Breaking Down the Barriers continued.. Use of poor verbal and body language can confuse the message. -Understand the words you are using.. In other words don’t use words in the wrong context. - Body Language should match your words!

14 Barriers in Context Occur when too much is offered too fast Sometimes less means more.. Be mindful of the other persons demands and what is going on around them

15 Making the Kommunication Karnival go more smoothly We all communicate differently –Understand your own communication style –Understand the style of those with whom you work or will be communicating

16 Self-Assessment Exercise Complete all 24 questions on the questionnaire Review and discuss answers



19 The communication process and working at ever level to keep it clear Your audience Your own communication style The communication style of others That communication is more than just talking it’s getting your point across exactly how you want it to be understood


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