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2 HOW IS UK GOVERNED ? The British Government runs the UK.
It is a parliamentary democracy with a constitutional monarch as Head of State. SO, there are : The Parliament : it represents the people The Government : runs the country and is also elected by the people

3 A/ THE PARLIAMENT It is the place where politicians (MPs) meet to decide laws and make decisions . MPs = Members of Parliament Its main functions are to : To pass laws To provide money (by voting for taxation) To debate the major issues of the day to scrutinize government policy and administration

4 Parliament is made up of 3 parts :
The House of Commons 2. The House of Lords 3. The Queen

5 1- The House of Commons
It is the most important place for discussing policies and making laws . There are 659 MPs who represent the 659 constituencies (areas) in the UK and who are part of a political party . The main political parties are The Labour Party and the Conservative Party. They are elected. The Speaker controls the debates which can be very animated !!!

6 2. The House of Lords It is composed of 675 members with titles
(family or by merit). Unlike the Members of the House of Commons , they are not elected. Their job is to ensure that the laws are fair and will work. However they don’t have the power to stop a law, just to delay it.

7 3. The Queen The Queen as Head of State has a final say on
whether a bill becomes a law. In fact she accepts the advice of her government and gives her Royal Assent.

8 B/ THE GOVERNMENT The leader of the government is the Prime Minister
Do you know the name of the incumbent Prime minister ? Labour He was elected in June 2007 and belongs to the Party . There are normally people in a UK government and they are called ministers or secretaries of State 100 His official residence is in London N°10 Downing Street

9 How is the Prime Minister elected ?
Who was the Prime Minister before Gordon Brown ? His name is Tony Blair How is the Prime Minister elected ? He is the leader of the political party with the most MPs in the House of Commons . He is asked by the Queen to be Prime Minister and to form a government .

10 What is the Role of the Prime Minister ? International affairs
He heads the government He appoints the Ministers The most important ministers are called the Secretaries of State and they form the Cabinet . They meet with the Prime Minister once a week at 10 Downing Street The most important secretaries of States are The Chancellor of the Exchequer for The Foreign Secretary for The Home Secretary for The Lord Chancellor for finance International affairs Internal affairs Legal system

11 How are laws made ? To make a law you start with a bill (projet de loi) Normally, it comes from the government ( =a government sponsored Bill) Yet it may also come from an ordinary MP ( = a Private Member’s Bill) 2. To become a law , it is debated and voted in both Houses. 3. Then the Queen gives her Royal Assent to this bill which then becomes a law .

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