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Program Committee Report Bangkok, Thailand 2005. 1. 28 Bok-Gyu Joo.

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1 Program Committee Report Bangkok, Thailand 2005. 1. 28 Bok-Gyu Joo

2 Review of Bangkok Program Overall: Tutorials and 4 tracks (60 slots) Network Technology – SIP, Real-time A/V, Lambda – Network Engineering & NOC – NW Performance Measurement and Monitoring Application Technology: HDTV, Grid, MM Natural Resources – Agriculture – Earth Monitoring: Disaster warning and response – NR Special, Earth System e-Science, e-Culture Others: Global Collaboration, Medical, IPv6 TF, AP-Net- NeGeMo

3 Previous and New APAN Secretariat And APAN/TH Thank You Very Much!

4 APAN Conference in Taipei Asia-Pacific Advanced Network Conference – Tutorials, Workshops, Sessions Dates: 2005.8.23(tue) -27(sat) Place: Howard Plaza Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan Overlap with IPv6 Summit(22-24)

5 Proposal- Format Need to have more common sessions Rational – Expecting tighter schedule: 3 full-day conference – To avoid duplicate topics/presentations – Participants want to know the happenings of other areas Resolutions – Have two more plenary sessions Special session on Huge Data Transfer Topics: IPv6 & Applications, Global, Ubiquitous NW?, NR – Early morning, lunch, late evening sessions for bofs, etc. – APAN 101 for new-comers

6 Proposals Network Technology Area – Network Engineering & NOC – SIP tutorials (2) and workshop Application Area: HDTV Natural Resources: Agriculture, Earth Monitoring, Earth System e-*: e-Science, e-Culture, e-Learning Network Research Workshop Others – Global Collaboration – Medical Network – Digital Divide – Joint with IPv6?

7 Proposals (cont.) Tutorials – SIP-Based VoIP Technology & Hands-on WS about A/V SIP Server – NR Area – 1 (Taipei) – APAN 101

8 Tentative Schedule Tentative Schedule Tracks Network Tech Applica- tion Tech Natural Res. e-* Remarks 8.23tue 8.24wed Reception 8.25thu NW Research 8.26fri Dinner 8.27sat Closing Plenary & General Assembly Tutorials Opening Plenary Special: Huge Data Transfer Plenary APAN 101 Note: Meetings(1 track) and Non-Apan Meetings(1 track) are not shown

9 Milestones 05.02.28Due formal/late workshop proposals 05.03.30Finalize workshops with organizers 05.05.15Finalize workshops with session lists 05.06.15Finalize speaker list with abstracts 05.07.15Print brochure 05.08.26Program committee meeting in Taipei

10 Program Committee Chairs – Bok-Gyu Joo/Hongik U, KR Chair – Yasuichi Kitamura/NICt, JP Co-Chair – Seishi Ninomiya/NARO, JP Co-Chair – Jacqueline Brown/Pacific Wave Co-Chair – Pipot Abdon, Secretariat Members be adjusted for future meetings – Organizers for 20 th & 21 th Meetings

11 To Other Committees To Organizing Committee – Approval of draft schedule – Invited plenary speaker: Tony Hey To Secretariat – Web page for 20 th Meetings To Workshop Organizers – Plan ahead and meet due dates

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