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Symposia, Workshops and Publications 2012 Officers Training Workshop Mary Mikolajewski Kathy Dernoga 1.

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1 Symposia, Workshops and Publications 2012 Officers Training Workshop Mary Mikolajewski Kathy Dernoga 1

2 Symposia and Workshops Held with technical committee meetings, or occasionally independently 17 symposia and 16 workshops in 2012 Over 2,000 attendees 2

3 Symposia - Examples Series: E35 Pesticide Formulations B10 Zirconium in the Nuclear Industry C01 Masonry One-Event Topics C01/C09 Symposium on Geopolymer Binder Systems 3

4 Workshops - Examples Workshops generally address standards needs more directly: E60- Workshop on Green Meeting Standards E50- Workshop on Standard E1527 4

5 Terminology Symposia and Workshops – Both offer forums for technical info exchange Symposia - Formal planning with stricter timetable, peer-reviewed papers Workshops and Seminars - Planning and timing less strict, papers may or may not be submitted for peer- review 5

6 Symposia Benefits Event Proposal Executive subcommittee involvement Symposium chairmans responsibilities Keys to a successful event and publication 6

7 Benefits Exchange of technical information Papers published in an STP Publication Standards New activity or new subcommittee New industry trends/needs Networking New members Awareness of ASTM 7

8 Event Proposal Complete the form: (Tentative ) event title Event date/location Estimated attendance Objectives Publication Selection 8

9 Executive Subcommittee Involvement Approve proposal Approve/select chairman – STP editor Approve date/location Determine if registration fee is required Include event/publication status to future agendas 9

10 Symposium Chairmans Responsibilities Communicate with staff (complete the Proposal) Follow time schedule and procedures Utilize co-chairman Provide info for call for papers Review abstracts Develop technical program Select peer reviewers Follow peer review/publication deadlines 10

11 Keys to Successful Event and Publication Topic selection Effective chairman Manageable project Time schedule 11

12 Workshops Compared to Symposia: Time Schedule -- more flexible Publication -- not required, but encouraged 12

13 Workshops Executive Subcommittee Involvement: Approve event Proposal Determine topic need Determine logistics Approve/select event chairman Communicate with ASTM staff Approve fee, if appropriate 13

14 Workshops Workshop Chairs Responsibilities: Complete the Event Proposal Communicate with staff Adhere to time schedule and procedures Develop description of event and technical program 14

15 ASTM Website Symposia and Workshops Web Page: or Access Symposia and Workshops on the navigation bar Future ASTM Symposia and Workshops Search Past ASTM Symposia 15

16 Contact Information Symposia and Workshops Presenter: Mary Mikolajewski Email: Telephone: 610-832-9678 Fax: 610-832-7045 Symposia and Workshops web page: 16

17 Publish symposia papers in an STP(Selected Technical Papers) book in printand e-book A minimum of 10 papers is required Publish workshop papers in an ASTMjournal Publication Plans 17

18 Submit abstracts to with final program Invitations will be sent to the lead authorwith a link to our paper submittaldatabase Hosted by Thomson-Reuters ScholarOne STP (Selected Technical Papers) 18

19 Recommend 2 reviewers per paper (notyourself) Consider each review comment andrecommend action Approve final papers Assist in expediting the process Role of Symposium Chair - STP Editor 19

20 Select COP member for each STP Assist in expediting publication andensure that COP policies are followed Determine status of papers rejected byreviewers Assist the symposium chairman Role of Committee on Publications (COP) 20

21 Role of the Author Transfer copyright Obtain permission for material from other sources Provide complete references Follow ASTM and publication industry standards Meet deadlines 21

22 Manage papers through peer review Expedite publication Ensure a professional and cordialrelationships Follow COP and publication industrystandards Role of the ASTM Staff 22

23 Invitations will be sent to each reviewer If accepted, the link to the paper withinstructions will be sent to the reviewer Reviewer comments are vetted with thesymposium chairman Peer Review Process 23

24 All reviewers comments are sent to theauthor Symposium chairman can includeadditional comments for author Symposium chairman will approve therevised paper for inclusion in the STP. Revision 24

25 If any reviewer rejects a paper the COPmember assigned to the STP will beincluded in the final decision to Accept the paper with revisions Require additional revisions or provide clarification Reject the paper Controversial or Rejected Material 25

26 Symposium chairman will approve thefinal order of papers. Provide an Overview for the STP Approve the cover design Publication 26

27 ASTM will submit STP to Thomson-Reuters Conference Index in Web ofScience Market the STP Include STP e-book in ASTMs DigitalLibrary Post Publication 27

28 Workshop papers Presenters may submit a full technical paper to any of the ASTM journals All journals are listed at All peer reviewed and included in the ASTM Digital Library. 28

29 Contact Information - Publications Kathy Dernoga 610-832-9617 29

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