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1 and Asia Europe Foundation Slovenia 15-16 May 2008 Presentation by Katelijn Verstraete

2 Asia Europe Foundation Set up in 1997 Under framework of ASEM –Asia Europe Meeting- process Funded by Min of Foreign Affairs of ASEM countries (EU + ASEAN + India,Mongolia,Pakistan,China,Japan & Korea) Mission: Connecting civil societies in Asia and Europe – Promoting mutual understanding – Deeper cooperation – Continuing collaboration Via intellectual, cultural and people-to-people exchanges

3 Fields of action – Art development, artistic practises and cultural policy – Education and academic cooperation – Health, environment and sustainable development – Human rights and governance – Intercultural dialogue – International relations – Media and Society – Youth Via Conferences, lectures, workshops, seminars and web- based platforms

4 Cultural Exchange Young Artists Exchange – > music,dance,photography,film,comics,new media – > process based exchange for +/- 20-24 artists Artists Networks and Platforms – > independent cultural centers/spaces exchange – > : museum – > www.culturE-ASEFwww.culturE-ASEF – > http://sea-images.asef.org –> – > Connect2Culture Cultural Policy => ASEF CE own programmes

5 How to engage with ASEF CE? Propose ideas for projects fitting ASEF CE programmes Multi-laterality Co-funding Co-conceiving Co-organizing Sharing ideas on web-platforms Calls for application: participate-forward-disseminate Proposing input as facilitator, writer, researcher…

6 How Culture360 came to existence ASEM Initiative to set up Asia Europe online platform of exchange ASEF Entrusted as facilitator and coordinator in the process as interface between governments and civil society APPROACH Research, consultation, utility and sustainability questions discussed through : 1.Feasibility study 2.Meetings with civil society and governments: defining technical and content needs and testing the idea

7 How Culture360 came to existence CHALLENGES imbalance language barrier focus access different levels of cooperation definitions reliable information different needs – one solution for all?

8 How Culture360 came to existence RESULT Unique Selling Points of Asia Europe Portal:  Multi-disciplinary  Clear Asia-Europe Focus  Top Down- Bottom Up Virtual Meeting Space with Real Encounters : Mobility Small pilot portal Incremental development phases Target group

9 is the only multidisciplinary arts and cultural online tool focused specifically on Asia and Europe to inform and interact amongst communities across Asia and Europe. Fuelled by and for artists, cultural practitioners and policy makers it is the culmination of efforts from the governments and civil societies.

10 What does Culture360 want to achieve? Better understanding of the arts & cultural contexts Asia- Europe Content reflecting need and adding value Community of users who meet virtually and face-to-face Synergies with existing online cultural initiatives Increased dialogue between governments and civil society Strengthened digitalisation of cultural information Strengthened cultural cooperation and artistic exchanges

11 Translating results into actions EUROPE : Partnership building rich and well edited information duplication & incompatible databases ASIA :Asian Mapping Exercise clear picture of resources and opportunities participation, coordination, relevance& quality information, language DEVELOPMENT : Pilot portal good partnership with Nanyang Technological University technical challenges

12 Translating ideas into a portal Diverse – open – neutral ground clear – connection – interaction

13 What Culture360 needs from you Register : blog and forum participation Stay informed: Subscribe to newsletter Become contributor: submit news, events, open calls... Set up wiki space Provide inspiring Project information Become a contributor for feature story or spotlight Update or provide info for Slovenia cultural resource mapping

14 Thank you! The Asia-Europe Foundation would like to thank the Ministries of Culture of the ASEM partner countries as well as the many organisations and individuals for their involvement and support towards the continuous development of Culture360. ASEAN Secretariat, Asia Art Archive, Center for Intercultural and Social Development, Culture Center of the Philippines, ELIA, Ericarts, European Commission, Five Arts Center, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, IETM, IFACCA, Institute of Policy Studies Singapore, International Intelligence on Culture, Japan Foundation Asia Centre, Karma Multimedia, Dr Kusuma Venzky-Stalling, LabforCulture, Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage of Malaysia, Ministry of Culture France, Ministry of Culture and Information of Vietnam, MICA Singapore, NAC Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, NUS Singapore, Tan and Tan Partnership,The Necessary Stage, The Substation, UNESCO Commission in Korea, Universes in Universe, Visiting Arts, Yong Siew Toh Conversatory of Music.

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