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The PULMAN Network of Excellence Rob Davies MDR PULMAN Project Manager.

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1 The PULMAN Network of Excellence Rob Davies MDR PULMAN Project Manager

2 Four Objectives Strengthen performance, help achieve potential of public libraries: new cultural, educational and social roles in eEurope Exchange knowledge, experience, good practice: encourage Centres of Excellence for digital services Spread strategic initiatives across Europe: sensitise national authorities and practitioners Develop cross-sectoral agendas for local services: starting from a public libraries standpoint

3 Network 36 country co-ordinators – EU member states – associated and candidate states – neighbouring countries (PULMAN-XT) - ends August 18 Partners 9 Virtual Advisory Board members 170,000 policy makers and practitioners 190 milion registered users of public libraries

4 The PULMAN Guidelines 2 Editions Currently in 22 languages 3 sections – social policy, management, technical 20 topics 100,000 words 650 links to good practice across Europe

5 Reports and analysis 38 country reports for benchmarking – organisation, policies, use of ICT, innovative projects etc – 22 merged PULMAN-NAPLE reports Trends and forecasts – PULMANExpress – Final Project Report Research needs

6 36 National workshops 1 3 Themes 1 launch Guidelines 2 Public library strategies 3 Public libraries, museums, archives co-operation 2 2500 practitoners and policy makers

7 Training 70 managers on training attachments 237 distance learning courses 40 members of pilot mentoring network

8 One Website One Website

9 One Policy Conference 170 delegates 40 countries 12 case studies One Manifesto 10-point Action Plan Benchmarking progress

10 Bringing together the movers…. ….and the shakers

11 Community Memory - local services agenda (1) Broader local services partnerships to deliver e-Europe – libraries, museums and archives at local/regional level – education sector/children – voluntary sector/NGOs/ community information and advice – economic sector (eg cultural tourism) Friendly on-line services to meet user needs – accessible - ‘Heritage for All’ approach – help unlock, disclose, make accessible local digital content – help individuals and organisations create content – sense of localisation/personal engagement vs globalisation – link up present and past

12 Community Memory - local services agenda (2) Socio-economic and technical environment – understanding or mapping communities and their needs – public/private partnership – role of software/telecoms/integrators: real web services? Policy agenda for local services – level playing field within CH sector eg local archives – benchmarking, co-ordination of policy: measure impact – enlargement and international co-operation eg building on PULMAN-XT, CULTIVATE-Russia

13 Technical agenda Highly-automated content creation and digitisation Personalisation of content creation and access Multimedia content creation/delivery – help local institutions exploit broadband Seamless interactive access to local resources – wider cross-sectoral interoperability, local/ national Usability – Interfaces – Access through non-computer channels, mobile, dtv Use of emerging semantic web technologies – resource creation, discovery, retrieval, preservation

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