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Elements of a Short Story

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1 Elements of a Short Story
Students will be provided a copy of the power point presentation in outline form. The outline form will have blanks to be filled in during the presentation. This presentation is in preparation of writing a short story for their portfolio. This presentation was designed for a resource Language Arts class; students having learning and behavior disorders.

2 Definition of a Short Story
it’s about a single event or experience fictional (not true)‏ 500 to 15,000 words in length has a beginning, middle, and end creates an impression on the reader

3 Elements of a Short Story
Setting Characterization Conflict Theme Point of view Plot

4 Setting Tells the reader where and when the story takes place

5 Characterization Indirectly Directly what the character says and does
The writer gives information about the characters in the story The reader can learn about characters in one of two ways: Indirectly what the character says and does what others say about the character what the character wears Directly through the author’s description

6 The main problem in the story
Conflict External Conflict human vs. nature human vs. human human vs. society human vs. supernatural Internal Conflict human vs. self What is the conflict? The main problem in the story

7 Theme The story’s main ideas
The “message” the writer intends to communicate by telling the story

8 Point of View Point of view: The position of the narrator of the story and what the writer sees from that vantage point. There are two main points of view: Third Person He, she, they First Person I, me, we

9 Plot Diagram 3. Climax 4. Falling Action 2. Rising Action
1.Introduction 5. Resolution

10 1. Introduction usually occurs at the beginning of a short story
the characters are introduced learn about the setting of the story we are introduced to the main conflict (main problem)‏

11 2. Rising Action begins to develop the conflict(s)‏
a building of interest or suspense occurs

12 3. Climax the turning point of the story
Usually the main character comes face to face with a conflict The main character will change in some way.

13 4. Falling Action All loose ends of the plot are tied up
The conflict(s) and climax are resolved

14 5. Resolution The story comes to a reasonable ending

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