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Graduate Advising and Registration Event Faculty of Software Engineering Presentation August 19, 2015.

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1 Graduate Advising and Registration Event Faculty of Software Engineering Presentation August 19, 2015

2 Welcome General Academic Information –CPS procedures for the department –Waiver procedures for assigned foundations –Choosing first semester courses Departmental Information –Co-ops and Internships –Research opportunities –TA/RA positions –Capstone Options

3 CPS Departmental Procedures Your individual CPS Draft will be created for you in your first semester, after classes begin. You will not receive your CPS before classes begin. Students will receive an email (in their UHCL inbox) in approximately 8-10 weeks notifying them that is time to meet with their faculty advisor to go over their CPS Draft. At this point, students should contact their faculty advisor. Contact your faculty advisor by email to set up an appointment after the academic advisor have emailed you to make an appointment and complete your Draft CPS. Advisors cannot work on your CPS before you receive the email.. Once the draft has been signed by you and your faculty advisor, it will go to the advising office to be made into your Final CPS.

4 Waiver Procedures for Assigned Foundations First Semester: For your first semester at UHCL, do not register for any assigned foundation courses for which you believe you have completed equivalent class work with grade of B or better. (Some foundations were assigned to repeat based on C grades in completed classes.) You should register for any other assigned foundations. To waive foundation courses you believe you have already completed: Fill out Waiver Request Form (available in B3611) Attach all supporting documentation Make a copy for yourself Submit to Academic Advising Office B3611 Advisors will submit it to the Waiver Committee for your major.

5 Choosing First Semester Courses For your first semester, it is best to register for assigned foundation classes you do not plan to waive. It’s especially important to register for Scientific Writing if assigned! You can also register for courses indicated by your degree’s two year recommended plan of study (available online at the Software Engineering website ).Software Engineering website If you are not sure if your first semester classes are appropriate, or if you must register for an elective, be sure to contact your faculty advisor prior to or during the first week of class, when you can still add and drop. The Software Engineering Program has Course Offerings online and has a Recommended Plan of Study for 2/4 year course offerings. You should select a combination of required core or extended courses specified on your CPS.Software Engineering ProgramCourse Offerings

6 Internships and Co-ops The department of SWEN does not offer co-ops. The department of SWEN does not offer internships. Additional information on co-ops and internships (including discussions of CPT and OPT) will be provided in information sessions tomorrow for our international students. Please refer any CPT/OPT questions to the international advising staff.

7 Research Assistant Opportunities Faculty members of SWEN hire student research assistants Research assistants work on: research development awards externally funded grants externally funded contracts Faculty specific research projects Research Assistant Application are online.

8 The Software Engineering department hires several graduate students to serve as teaching assistants (TA). TAs help the instructor answer student questions and grade coursework. To apply review the Student Teaching Assistant Employment Processing Requirements steps.Student Teaching Assistant Employment Processing Requirements Teaching Assistant Opportunities

9 Software Engineering MS students must choose either the capstone option or the thesis option. The capstone option mandates SWEN 6837 Capstone Project a three hour course in which students work in small groups on an assigned project. The school offers the one-semester capstone project each semester This accommodates students who attend on-campus classes as well as online classes. The capstone project requires work on a real-world project. Projects vary from semester to semester. Capstone is a controlled course. You must fill out the control course form to get permission to enroll.control course form Capstone Options

10 The SWEN 6939 Master's Thesis is a rigorous process requiring both scholarly research in your field and a mind for detail. Thesis option requires coordinating with: Thesis /Faculty advisor Committee members 3 Associate Dean Dean Librarian Students will need to meet with a Thesis advisor to initiate project conception and understand thesis requirement.thesis requirement. Thesis Options

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