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English Paper One. In the exam you will be asked to read a text and write about the layout, presentation and the language used – you will do well if you.

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1 English Paper One

2 In the exam you will be asked to read a text and write about the layout, presentation and the language used – you will do well if you pick out the effects – you will do even better if you comment on the effect on the reader – how is the text working? ENGLISH – PAPER ONE

3 Section A1 will ask you to look at facts and opinions. Remember: ¶ 1. Facts can be proven = they must be true. Facts are both powerful and strong – these can be used to inform, convince or persuade people of a certain situation. ¶ 2. Opinion = is someone’s personal belief – they think or feel it. ¶ 3. Watch out for opinions that seem like facts – i.e. “It is a fact that…” – this is a way of tricking you the reader into believing an opinion. 4. Opinions can be convincing – they might be used in text to persuade you of a point of view. ENGLISH – PAPER ONE

4 Section A2 will focus on presentational devices. On the paper, at the top of the page you should write the letters: PALL – PURPOSE AUDIENCE LANGUAGE LAYOUT These are the headings that can help you make notes on your text. ENGLISH – PAPER ONE

5 1 Purpose: To inform To entertain To explain To persuade To advise To instruct Ask yourself: what is the text trying to do? Think how is it doing this? ENGLISH – PAPER ONE

6 1 Audience – this is who the text is aimed at: Young Old Mixed audience Adults Children/ teens? Think about the layout and the language, this will help you to work out the intended audience in the text. ENGLISH – PAPER ONE

7 1 Language – the words and sentences and style that has been chosen: Formal Informal Chatty Complex/ serious Alliterative/ descriptive ENGLISH – PAPER ONE

8 ALWAYS comment on the language that has been used – this is the hardest part but will get you higher grades because it is a challenge. Read the text thinking about the choice of words – look out for: similes/ metaphors/ alliteration/ catchphrases/ Think about the tone of the words chosen; are they – positive or negative? Look for adjectives – descriptive words – are they over the top? Are they vivid – do they make things come to life? Or is the language mostly factual and informative? AIM to pick out language details when you are reading through the text – highlight words and phrases that stand out. ENGLISH – PAPER ONE

9 1 Layout – this is the presentation – there is so much to comment – but remember always explain the effect on a reader. ¶ Alliteration – makes the text catchy – quick to read – grabs attention ¶ Bullet points – good way to organise a text ¶ Captions can help readers understand a picture ¶ Colour – there are lots of connections and links – colours reinforce messages – blue= crisp/cold/clean. Red= passionate/dangerous/sex/roses ¶ Columns – a way of organising text – and helping the text to be clear to the reader. ¶ ENGLISH – PAPER ONE

10 Fonts – classic/ formal/ old-fashioned/ modern etc – Fonts are chosen to impact on different audiences - and to grab attention. Graphs/ diagrams – help make difficult info easy to grasp Images - Similes – like/as or metaphors – direct comparisons – these work to create images in words – so you can see the thing being described Italics – emphasises information Logos – symbol of a company – represents things ENGLISH – PAPER ONE

11 ¶ Maps – helpful in giving people info – finding or showing a place ¶ Paragraphs – organising text – comment if they are small – short/ easier to read or longer and more detailed- this makes a difference to a text and to the reader – connects with AUDIENCE ¶ Pictures/ images bring the text to life and grab attention – they can also break up the text, which is useful. ¶ Underlining emphasises points made. ¶ Always comment on the first impression the text has – what do you notice when you look at the text on the page? MAKE SURE YOU HIGHLIGHT THE TEXT AS YOU READ IT. ENGLISH – PAPER ONE

12 Writing to argue or persuade Five quick steps to exam success! 1. PAF 2. Five points 3. Order 4. A FOREST 5. Proofread ENGLISH – PAPER ONE

13 PAF = Purpose … audience … form Underline or highlight these. How will they affect what you write? – contents, layout, language, sentences, vocabulary, tone? ENGLISH – PAPER ONE

14 Find five points for your argument or persuasion As messy as you like: no-one ’ s going to see them! List or spider – it ’ s up to you. Be quick – it ’ s only a list: you can expand on them a bit later. ENGLISH – PAPER ONE

15 Order? Find the best order for these points. Remember – you want a Big Opening to catch attention and an Ending with Impact! ENGLISH – PAPER ONE

16 Go through A FOREST: A ANECDOTES A personal experience & story as proof. F FACTS Know any? Borrow from Section A? Invent! O OPINION Strong words “It is outrageous…” ENGLISH – PAPER ONE

17 R RHETORICAL QUESTIONS Express powerfully – not too many – remember the question mark. E EXAMPLES & EXPERTS Give examples as support. Invent an expert and quote eg Professor Jane Morris of Oxford University says, “It.. ENGLISH – PAPER ONE

18 S STATISTICS Invent! Eg “In a recent survey conducted by York University, 73%…” T TRIPLES Lists of three –maybe with alliteration? Eg “It is cruel, callous and criminal to…” ENGLISH – PAPER ONE

19 Proofread Check spelling, full stops, other punctuation, paragraphs, vocabulary and anything else before it costs you marks. ENGLISH – PAPER ONE

20 1. Write an article suitable for a school magazine in which you argue that more should be done in school to improve the health and fitness of pupils. You might write about: · Sports facilities · The timetable · School meals · Health education Cycling training ENGLISH – PAPER ONE

21 Write a letter to your local paper in which you try to persuade the reader that more bike-friendly measures should be introduced in your area, and say what they might be. ENGLISH – PAPER ONE

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