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2 HISTORY OF TECHNOLOGY Telegraph Transmitted Morse Code (dots/dashes) across shortwave radio Telephone Transmitted audio across shortwave radio frequency Radio Transmitted audio programming across short and longwave radio frequency Television Transmitted audio and video programming across broadcast, then cable/satellite Internet Instantaneous access to information via hardwired connection

3 AUDIO REVIEW Radio Known as “Theatre of the Mind” War of the Worlds (October 1938, Orson Welles) Uses “Foley Artists” to create sound effects Slide Whistle Primary source of information during the “Golden Age of Radio” in the 1930s Radio History News and Sports Live Dramas Music formats (DJs) Talk Radio Podcasting

4 VIDEO REVIEW Film Motion Pictures Black and white No Audio “Talkies” Introduces audio Movies Full color and audio Television Live Recorded “Recorded before a live studio audience” “Live on Tape”

5 TELEVISION PRODUCTION Four Stages Pre-Production Research Script writing Storyboarding Set up and Rehearsal Table Reads Actual Rehearsal Production Filming for final product Post-Production Editing Presenting finished product for review Re-editing Presentation

6 TELEVISION PRODUCTION CONT. Personnel (crew) Executive Producer Main financer of project Producer Designer of project Director Writer Writes/rewrites script Storyboard Artist Assistant Director Technical Director Video Engineer Audio Engineer Editor Collects and Edits recorded material Camera (videographer) Photographer Floor Manager Directs actions on floor/set (if no director) Teleprompter Operator Talent Act/Sing/Read/Dance/etc… Production Assistant (Gofer)

7 VIDEO EDITING Linear Tape-to-tape Non-linear Digital iMovie/Garageband (audio) Process Assembly editing Editing video and audio together Insert editing Editing video and audio separately

8 EDITING Video Editing (iMovie, Final Cut Pro, AVID) Import media into library Video files Image files Audio files Edit raw footage In/Out Points Keyframes used to edit in movement to a video Video footage should match speed with audio Fast audio = shorter, quicker clips, quicker transitions Slow audio = longer, slower clips, slower transitions


10 SOCIAL MEDIA REVIEW Internet World Wide Web (WWW) AOL – Dial-Up Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Broadband Social Media MySpace Facebook Twitter Instagram Vine

11 AUDIO REVIEW Audio Files mp3 Works for both platforms (Windows and Mac) wav Windows Audio Video - Mainly a Windows file wma Windows Media Audio - Mainly a Windows file

12 VIDEO REVIEW Video Files avi Works for both platforms mov Quicktime file – works for both platforms MPEG Generic video file – works for both platforms wmv Windows Media Video – Mainly a Windows file mp4 Works for both platforms

13 IMAGE REVIEW Image/Photo Files TIF Mostly a Windows file PNG Creates an image without a background. JPG Generic photo file – works with both platforms GIF An image file with motiion

14 ADVERTISING As Seen on TV Advertisers and media outlets would split profits from in-store purchases Modern Advertising Mutually beneficial agreement between Advertisers and Media outlets Advertisers Pay media outlets for time. Benefit by having product reach audience Media Outlets Get paid for filing airtime Creates a relationship with Advertisers for more ads/money

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