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Val Kelly School of Library & Information Science Kent State University

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1 Val Kelly School of Library & Information Science Kent State University

2 About This Talk What is Videocast? What do you need? Examples Using Windows Movie Maker Changing file formats for iTunes

3 What is Videocasting? Video files over the Internet Anytime, anywhere technology Subscribable content (RSS/XML) New form of expression (Vodcasting/vidcasting/videocasting/vlogging)

4 What you need Create video Import video to computer Edit, save video file Change file format to mov or mpeg to play on iTunes iTunes conversion to iPod format Upload to iTunes University

5 Creating a Video – Camera Digital Video Camera MiniDV IEEE 1394 connections (FireWire) Record directly to computer Analog Video Camera Standard 8 and Hi-8 VHS and S-VHS More information:

6 Importing/Editing Video Apple’s iMovie Window’s MovieMaker Adobe Premiere Pro Final Cut Pro Avid More information: (PC) (MAC)

7 Collecting Video Video from the Internet Some video can be saved to your computer directly from an website Cametasia is useful software for video screen captures Video can be downloaded from sites like YouTube If you are using Mozilla Firefox as your browser, you can get an add-on called Download Helper that will download the videos from YouTube. Go to:

8 Video File Formats AVI’s – Microsoft, large file size (minimal compression). MOV’s – Apple, uses Quicktime player. WMV’s – Microsoft, uses Windows Media player. MPEG – Multiplatform, good for viewing on Internet, long compression time. RM’s – streamed video file format, not recommended at Kent State.

9 Things to consider before you start Video is a resource hog It can be time-intensive What is your purpose? Planning and organizing are important

10 Examples of Videocasts An interview Learning to communicate Overview of lab Using Camtasia to capture screen view

11 Using Windows Movie Maker Open Windows Movie Maker Save your project Import your content Edit Movie Add Content to Storyboard Make a Title Make a Credits page Edit Clips Finish Movie (export)

12 Convert file format Download converter ImToo Ipod Movie Converter Convert file (wmv – mpeg)

13 Thank you This PowerPoint and tutorials for this session can be accessed at:

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