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1 EBSCOhost Collection Manager Selector Account Functions Tutorial

2 Welcome to the EBSCOhost Collection Manager tutorial for Selectors. The EBSCOhost Collection Manager (ECM) is an easy-to-use tool for building and managing your eBook and Audiobook collections on EBSCOhost. In this tutorial, we will look at searching and browsing for eBooks, creating lists of eBooks for purchase, and submitting your lists to an approver for purchasing.

3 Lists provide you with a simple way to organize and submit orders for your selected titles. There are several ways to create a new list in ECM. From the home screen, click Create a new List in the My Lists drop-down menu or click New List in the My Lists box on the right side of the screen. For this demonstration, we will create a new list from the results screen after searching for titles to add.

4 To search for eBooks and Audiobooks, enter your search terms in the Find fields provided, and if desired, select search fields such as keyword, author, or title from the drop-down menus. You can also apply limiters to your search by clicking the Full Search Options link below the Find fields. Next, click the Search button.

5 A result list of eBooks and Audiobooks matching your search criteria is displayed. You can refine your search using the search options in the left hand column. Add the entire page of results to a list by clicking the Add Page to List/PDA link, or add select titles by clicking the Add to List/PDA link for each one. Note, if a title if not eligible for PDA (Patron Driven Acquisition,) the link reads Add to List.

6 When you add individual titles to a list, you can modify your access model for each. Not all access models are available for every title, and vary based on publisher restrictions. After clicking the Add to List/PDA link for a title, select Create a New List from the drop-down menu. If desired, select an access model (One User, Three Users, or Unlimited Users) and click the Add to List button.

7 Enter a name for your new list in the field provided. Select a Fund Code if one has been created for your account, and click Create List. Note: Fund codes are created in the Account Settings area and can be assigned to any Ownership or PDA list to reduce accounting confusion.

8 Your new list is created and the selected title is added to it. When a title is added to a list, the Moved to List indicator appears in the result list. You can undo the addition of a title immediately by clicking the Undo button in the window that appears at the top of the screen. To make other adjustments to your list, click the View List Detail button in the window.

9 When you click View List Details, you are brought to the In Progress screen for your list. You can make adjustments to your list by clicking the List Settings link. You can change the access model for a title by clicking the Change Access Model/Term link, or remove a title from the list by clicking the Remove from list link.

10 In addition to searching for titles by keyword, you also have the ability to browse for titles by Subject Set, Collection, and Publisher in ECM. Collections are suggested title lists for certain customer types, which are crafted by EBSCOs in-house collection development librarians. Subject Sets are also created by our in-house librarians, and concentrate on specific topics. All collections may be purchased as complete sets or title-by-title. When you click a subject set, collection, or publisher, you are brought to a result list of titles which you can add in whole, or in part to your own list.

11 You can access your in-progress lists from the My Lists (In Progress) link available in the top toolbar, or click the name of the list if it is available in the My Lists box on the right of the home screen.

12 When you are ready to submit your list for purchase, click the Submit for Approval button on the In Progress screen.

13 Select an Approver from the drop-down list and click Submit.

14 The list is sent to your institutions Approver and it is removed from the In Progress Lists screen.

15 Returning to the home screen, you can access Help information by clicking the links found in the Using ECM section. Within the online help system, a full range of topics are available in the menu on the left.


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