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Full Text Finder Overview Tutorial

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1 Full Text Finder Overview Tutorial

2 Welcome to EBSCO’s Full Text Finder overview tutorial
Welcome to EBSCO’s Full Text Finder overview tutorial. Full Text Finder is a new state-of-the-art publication search service that includes your Knowledge Base and a suite of holdings management tools. It is designed to replace the existing EBSCO A-to-Z Reader Site. In this tutorial, we will look at the Publication Finder search and browse feature.

3 Click Publications in the top toolbar to use Publication Finder
Click Publications in the top toolbar to use Publication Finder. Publication Finder allows you to search or browse all publications made available to you by your institution, regardless of the vendor or provider. Publication Finder includes a responsive Autocomplete feature that displays titles containing your search terms as you type them. When your desired title appears in the list, simply click the journal name to see the viewing options for that title in a result list.

4 If made available by your administrator, you can also click on a Discipline to browse a result list of titles within that discipline or subject area. Each discipline notes the number that indicates the number of related publications in your institution's holdings.

5 A result list of available publications is displayed
A result list of available publications is displayed. Use the facets in the left-hand column to refine your result list of journals by Publisher or Subject.

6 As you refine your search, your limiters and facets, as well as any Disciplines applied, appear in the Breadbox. You can remove those items from your search by clicking the X next to the term. When a term is removed, the result list is updated.

7 If the Keep search limiters checkbox is enabled below the Find field, you can easily create another search using the same limiters by entering new search terms in the Find field and clicking Search.

8 Use the Search within Publication box to enter search terms and locate full text articles specifically from that publication. The Search within Publication feature appears for publications that are available from your EBSCO E-journals. Note: If using Publication Finder within EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS), Search within Publication appears for resources available from all databases within your EDS profile. You can also click the Full Text Access link to view a list of all resources from which you can view full text articles for that title based on your holdings.

9 To view available information for a resource, click the title in the result list to see the Detailed Record. From the Detailed Record you can also link to available Full Text, and when applicable, use the Search within Publication box.

10 At any time, click the Help link to view the complete online Help system.


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