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2009-10 Budget Forum Charles W. Sorensen Chancellor University of Wisconsin -Stout.

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1 2009-10 Budget Forum Charles W. Sorensen Chancellor University of Wisconsin -Stout

2 State Budget Follow up from 2008 Stakeholder Visioning Session 2009-10 Funding Allocations Questions / Comments

3 “The new increase is staying even” Governor Doyle 2009-11 projected deficit of $5.7 billion Represents over 18% of general fund appropriations Deficit is addressed through: Budget repair bill in 2008-09 2009-11 state budget American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

4 Budget Repair Bill Reduces the budget gap by $675 million Assesses hospital revenue Expands tax cuts for businesses Authorizes spending of federal stimulus funds $125 million in cuts to state spending UW System’s share anticipated at $3-$4 million. This is a lapse, not a base cut

5 Reduces state tax support by $100 million over next two years Mixed cut – both lapse and base 1% across-the-board cut for non-federal funds for all state agencies anticipated $49 million for UW System This is a base cut $25 million to financial aid from auxiliary accounts

6 Financial Aid $12 million increase to UW System for need- based financial aid $24 million for the Higher Education Aids Board and the UW Wisconsin Higher Education Grant program Will offset tuition increases for students from families that earn up to $60,000/year

7 Employee sacrifices No pay raises for next two fiscal years Pay more for retirement and health care Employee raises/benefits 2% increase in June 2009 Funding for faculty recruitment and retention $5 million-1st year, $5 million-2nd year to the UW System Domestic partner benefits

8 Next Steps Introduced as a Budget Bill Review by Joint Finance Committee Review by the Senate Review by the Assembly Back to the Governor, who can veto all or part of it

9 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Includes more than $789 billion in new spending initiatives and temporary tax cuts $463 billion for increased spending $326 billion in tax breaks WI will receive around $3.7 billion to help pay for education, health care, road projects, and unemployment benefits

10 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Impact to Higher Education: $40.6 billion dedicated to states for fiscal stabilization more than $850 million for WI $500 increase in maximum Pell Grant Increase in work study for financially needy students American Opportunity Education Tax Credit $16 billion to federal agencies for research – available to higher education as competitive grants


12 Mission Values Vision Situational Analysis Stakeholder Visioning Goals Action Plans Performance Indicators Periodic Reviews Less Frequent Iterations More Frequent Iterations

13 Cooperative Education Service Agency Board of Regents Industry K-12 Schools Foundation Board UW-System Officers UW-Stout Faculty, Staff, and Students University Administrators Legislators Unions Technical Colleges State Department of Public Instruction County and City Administrator Economic Development Specialist

14 Mission, Vision, Values Committee: CHARGE: Develop a brief mission statement that reflects our polytechnic designation Review the vision and values statement and provide updates as necessary

15 Mission, Vision, Values Committee: PROGRESS: Draft Mission, Vision, Values Developed Two open forums scheduled: March 9, 3-4 March 12, 11-12

16 FOCUS 2015 Goal Development Team: CHARGE: Develop 3-5 draft five-year goal statements that will be the basis for FOCUS 2015. Identify additional goal statements that could be considered for FOCUS 2015.

17 FOCUS 2015 Goal Development Team: PROGRESS: Reviewed feedback and themes from the Stakeholder Visioning Session and Listening Sessions Four recommended FOCUS 2015 goals developed All recommended goal statements came from ideas that were discussed at the Listening Sessions


19 Graduate assistantships Lab technicians and extending open lab hours Discipline-specific tutoring & writing center Supplemental instruction program Child and Family Study Center: staff, cost reduction for students, learning materials Special course fees Library support Co-op program Student research fund Graduate student research assistance

20 Keyserver Software Computer-based testing Wireless upgrades D2L Stout Media Cycling training technology SMART Technology for Stout Adventures Sound and lighting systems for Student Center Software licenses

21 Computer Programming Lab ($79,366) Child and Family Study Center ($26,100) Interior/Industrial Design Computer ($74,735) Library Instruction Lab ($24,275) Food Production Lab ($57,850) General Assignment Classrooms ($49,993)

22 Honor’s College ($26,468, and.71 FTE) Complete PeopleSoft conversion for the Student system ($350,000 one- time) Multicultural Student Scholarships ($37,500) Sustainability Coordinator ($36,779) Reduction of e-Scholar Per Credit Rate from $37.00 to $31.50


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