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Provisional Budget Reduction Plan 2014-15 Linda P. Brady, Chancellor Presentation to UNCG Faculty Senate April 2, 2014.

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1 Provisional Budget Reduction Plan 2014-15 Linda P. Brady, Chancellor Presentation to UNCG Faculty Senate April 2, 2014

2 Outline of Presentation Context Overview of Planned Reductions Consultation Process Feedback Received and Response Allocation of Reductions Across Divisions Principles Applied in Development of Plans Summary of Provisional Plans Impact of Reductions on Campus Next Steps

3 Context Economic environment since 2008 Impact of reductions in state appropriated budget to date Strategies employed since 2008 to manage reductions Impact of enrollment shortfall for 2014-15

4 Overview of Planned Reductions Budget CutsLegislative -Year 2 of Cuts - Estimated Allocation from GA 1,500,000 Office of State Budget & Management Requested Cut 2% 3,075,679 Enrollment Decrease 7,928,858 Total Cuts 12,504,537 InitiativesQuality Enhancement Program - Permanent Positions 175,900 Compliance (Title IX) 120,000 Total Initiatives 295,900 Total to be Allocated 12,800,437

5 Consultation Process Initial allocations announced to Executive Staff on January 27, 2014 Executive Staff Deans Council Academic Department Heads/Chairs Faculty Senate Staff Senate Budget Sounding Board Student Government Association Board of Trustees

6 Feedback Received Initial allocation of cuts to academic affairs too high Call for enhanced focus on administrative efficiencies Consider reductions in athletics budget and/or construction of new Student Rec Center Add General Fee to support academics Ensure consultation within and across divisions/units

7 Response to Feedback Reduced cut assigned to Academic Affairs by approximately $1 million; additional $1 million cut assigned to other units/divisions Strategic cuts assigned within Provost areas to moderate impact on instruction Principles emphasize focus on administrative efficiencies and consultation Due to enrollment shortfall, athletics reducing staff/administrative and operating budgets and internally reallocating funds to support student scholarships Addition of General Fee to address university-wide academic needs raised with GA; deemed tuition and not supported New Student Recreation Center will proceed; planning underway to repurpose existing facility for academic uses

8 Allocation of Reductions Across Divisions Division Academic Affairs9,332,801 Student Affairs513,570 Office of Research and Economic Development 201,972 Total Provost Area10,048,343 Information Technology Services652,183 University Advancement212,686 Business Affairs1,591,398 Chancellor195,827 Gateway University Research Park 100,000 Total12,800,437

9 Reductions As % of Permanent State Budget Division Academic Affairs 7.30% Student Affairs14.83% Office of Research and Economic Development 7.82% Total Provost Area 7.50% Information Technology Services6.65% University Advancement7.68% Business Affairs8.18% Chancellor7.68% Gateway University Research Park15.61% Total 7.57%

10 Reductions 2007-08 to 2013-14 DivisionNet Cut + CITI+Enroll Change % of 2013-14 Budget Academic Affairs$ 985,0000.1% Student Affairs-449,000-13.0% ORED -139,000-5.4% Total Provost Area 397,0000.3% Information Technology Services-1,275,000-13.0% University Advancement-291,000-10.5% Business Affairs-1,970,000-10.1% Chancellor-130,000-5.1% Gateway University Research Park-175,000-27.3% Institutional ( Financial Aid & Benefits) 6,231,0009.0% Total $ 2,787,0001.2%

11 Principles Applied in Development of Plans Protect instruction and efforts to rebuild enrollment Design strategic cuts v. across the board reductions Address administrative efficiencies Pursue collaborations across units/divisions Document consultation within and across units/divisions

12 Summary of Provisional Plans Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor ($9.3 m AA; $513,570 SA; $201,972 ORED) –Approx. $1.3 million strategic cut to Undergraduate Studies, Student Affairs and ORED before cuts allocated to academic units –Protect enrollment services functions (admissions, financial aid, registrar) –Minimize impact on Office of Institutional Research

13 Business Affairs ($1,591,398) Reengineered student mail Consolidated enterprise risk management functions under existing AVC; eliminating vacant ERM position Leverage utilities savings as a result of facilities operations efforts Grounds and housekeeping Protect campus police/safety

14 Information Technology Services ($652,183) Eliminate additional positions ITS has reduced 21.5 FTE since 2008, a 14.3% cut in staff and middle managers Increased technology capabilities enable greater efficiencies

15 University Advancement ($212,686) Consolidate corporate and foundation relations function with ORED Create single point of contact for external parties Enables protection of major gift officers assigned to academic units in anticipation of campaign

16 Gateway University Research Park ($100,000) Reduce operating budget and rely more heavily on externally generated funds, including revenues from Nanomanufacturing Innovation Consortium and grants

17 Chancellor’s Office ($195,827) Significantly reduce remaining state operating budget Eliminate SPA salary reserves Eliminate paralegal position Decrease state operating budget for University Relations due to planned efficiencies in communications

18 Impact of Planned Reductions on Campus Operations and Services Course Sections Student Services Facilities Repairs and Renovations ITS response time General Counsel response time Preliminary estimate of personnel impacted

19 Next Steps Communicate with employees subject to Reduction in Force during April 2014 Update General Faculty on April 23 Update Board of Trustees on April 30 General Assembly convenes May 14 End of short session June 30 Adjustment to cuts based on General Assembly actions July 1, 2014

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