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JUNIOR YEAR Class of 2015 Fall Presentation. The Essential Question: Why is the junior year often considered the most important year of a student’s high.

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1 JUNIOR YEAR Class of 2015 Fall Presentation

2 The Essential Question: Why is the junior year often considered the most important year of a student’s high school career?

3 Four Elements Academics Testing Post-Graduation Planning & Goal Setting Key Events


5 Schedule Changes  Limited changes permitted now:  Academic misplacement (with teacher approval)  Oversubscription(you don’t have a study hall but would like one)  Either must include a note from parents stating their support of the change All changes must be made by October 25th!!!

6 Graduation Requirements  4 credits English  3 credits math  3 or 4 credits science .5 credit Env / Eco  4 credits social studies  1.5 credits phys ed .5 credit health .25 credit Careers  6 or 7 elective credits Total of 23.75 credits


8 Testing Program  PSAT  SAT I & II  ACT  ASVAB  Keystone Exams

9 PSAT Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test  Saturday, October 19, 2013 at 8:00 a.m.  Register by September 20  Registration forms available today!  Fee: $18.00 payable to Lower Dauphin School District  NMSQT – National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test  If you are college bound, this is great practice!

10 SAT Scholastic Aptitude Test SAT I Writing, Critical Reading, and Math scores Given on: November 2, March 8, and June 7 (Saturdays) at LD SAT II Subject tests: Literature, History, math, sciences, languages Take only if college requires scores College entrance test – required for 4-year schools and some technical schools/community colleges Register online at:

11 SATs…  Require Photo ID for registration – you will need to upload photo  Must have Admission Ticket & Photo ID with you for test day  Consider taking them twice this year if you are looking at 4-year colleges!

12 SAT Preparation To prepare for the SAT, you can take a prep course and/or buy test preparation materials from a book store LD’s prep course:  Meets 6 times (3 English, 3 math) – Wednesday evenings (9/11) or Saturday mornings (started Saturday 9/7)  Cost is $40  Register with Mrs. Weber in Counseling Office  Winter dates will also be available & registration for those dates will be in December

13 ACT American College Test  Another type of college entrance test  Given at LD on Sept 21 and Dec 14  Register online at  Scores: English, math, science reasoning, and reading

14 ASVAB Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery  Given by Armed Services on Oct 17 th during periods 1-4  Important for those considering military careers  Sign up today or with Mrs. Weber in Counseling Office

15 Keystone Exams  Keystone Exams in Algebra, Biology, and Literature – scores today!  If you scored Basic or Below Basic the re-tests will be in December and/or January this year  Incentives offered for Proficient scores  Important to do your best!

16 Incentives for senior year Three tests…  If Proficient on all three, then students can choose two incentives  If Proficient on two of the three tests, then students can choose one incentive Options: Arrive one period late Leave one period early Open lunch Preferred Parking Space Events Pass


18 Key Resources  Naviance (handout)  Career resources on-line  Online  School Counselor Website  College Fairs – will be posted on our website  Career Fair @ LDHS on 10/10/13  College visits – should visit all before applying  College reps at LD – sign up in Naviance or Counseling Office  Military recruiters  College Information Packet

19 LD Career Fair  October 10  Periods 2 & 3  HS Gym  Many careers represented  Sign up today!

20 Naviance  Career Planning  Look at results from last year’s inventory in Careers class  Complete the Personality Type Inventory  Post-SecondaryPlanning  Start to organize college interests  Register for upcoming visits Log on to your account Add an email that you check regularly!!


22 Important Dates PSAT Score Return December 12 – 7:00 p.m. in HS auditorium For students and parents Return & explanation of PSAT scores/college information Financial Aid Night January 8 – 6:30 p.m. in HS library For students and parents General financial aid info great for parents of juniors

23 For Student Athletes …  Visit the Clearinghouse website and register at the end of the year  You will send transcript at the end of junior year  Website is:

24 Goal Setting  Today… What do you need to accomplish after getting all of this information??  Think of short term goals as they relate to academics and career/post-secondary planning. What do you want to accomplish in the next two weeks and then by Christmas break? Make goals for each area (academic, career, post-secondary)  Think of at least three long term goals (by the end of the school year) as they relate to the topics above.  Post these at home to help you get motivated and share them with you parents.  Share them with me so I can support you!

25 Questions? Please communicate with me this year -- stop by when you have questions and let me help you! Mrs. Dreon 566-5335

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