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+ PSAT/College Planning Night December 13, 2013. + Agenda Four Major Parts of Your PSAT/NMSQT Results & your skills National Merit Scholarship Information.

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1 + PSAT/College Planning Night December 13, 2013

2 + Agenda Four Major Parts of Your PSAT/NMSQT Results & your skills National Merit Scholarship Information More About Your Answers How My College QuickStart™ Can Help You Next Steps – your timeline from today forward

3 Your Scores Your Skills Your Answers Critical Reading Mathematics Writing Skills Four Major Parts of Your PSAT/NMSQT Results Next Steps 3 Test Sections

4 See how you did on each skill. The same skills are tested on the SAT. Your Skills You can try hundreds of practice questions, organized by skill, online in My College QuickStart (

5 National Merit Scholarship Corporation Information The Entry Requirements section displays information you provided on your answer sheet. The Percentile compares your performance to that of other college-bound juniors. The Selection Index is the sum of your critical reading, mathematics and writing skills scores. If it has an asterisk, you do not meet all of the eligibility requirements for the competition.

6 Your Answers You will get your test book back with your PSAT/NMSQT results, so that you can review the questions. You can also review each test question in My College QuickStart.

7 Answer Summary & Scoring Correct answer = plus 1 point Omitted answers = no points Wrong answers to multiple-choice questions = minus ¼ point. (To discourage students from blind or random guessing.) Wrong answers to math questions 29-38 (Student Produced Responses) = no points lost.

8 Your Answers: Student-Produced Responses Some of the math problems required you to grid in answers instead of selecting an option. For these questions, you will see the correct answer(s) written out.

9 What’s next? Use the access code on your report to log in to My College QuickStart, a personalized college and career planning kit. There you can: Search for colleges Get a personalized SAT study plan Take a personality test to find majors and careers that fit you Learn more about AP ® courses that you might be ready to take Next Steps

10 + How Can My College QuickStart ® Help You?

11 My College QuickStart

12 + My Online Score Report Projected SAT® score ranges State percentiles You can filter questions Questions and answer explanations

13 + My College QuickStart My SAT Study Plan™ Personalized skills to improve SAT practice questions An official SAT practice test

14 + My College QuickStart My Personality Personality test Description of your type Tips for success Majors and careers that might be a good fit for you

15 + My College QuickStart My College Matches Starter list of colleges Criteria to customize search Ability to save searches

16 + My College QuickStart My Majors & Career Matches Major you chose Related majors Related careers

17 + My College QuickStart My AP Potential List of AP courses Which ones are offered at your school

18 + My College QuickStart My AP Potential Choose a major to see which courses match it. Interpret your report to see whether you are ready to take a course.

19 + My College QuickStart Log in to your personalized account at

20 + SAT Reasoning Test Juniors should take in March and again in June if needed Sophomores can take this year if PSAT was strong Given at LD on March 8 and June 7 Other locations on May 3 Must register online:

21 + SAT Preparation Winter prep course (for March SAT) begins January 11 (January 15 for Saturday class) Meets 6 times (3 English, 3 Math) – Wednesday evenings (6-9 pm) or Saturday mornings (9 am – noon) Taught by LD faculty Cost is $40 for LD students Registration now open – forms in Counseling Office or online:

22 + SAT Subject Tests Offered in history, math, science, languages Remaining test dates in January, May, June Take only if college requires scores Usually taken in fall of senior year The SAT Subject Tests offer you an additional opportunity to show colleges what you know and what you know you can do. Many colleges use the SAT Subject Tests for admission, for course placement, and to advise students about course selection. Some colleges specify the SAT Subject Tests that they require for admission or placement; others allow applicants to choose which tests to take. **Check the College Board website for a list of subjects and colleges that require these tests

23 + ACT American College Test Given at LD in September and December (at HACC and Cumberland Valley HS in February, April, June) Test areas: English, Math, Science Reasoning, Reading with optional Writing test Register online at

24 + Importance of Junior Year Academic Record Activity Resume Testing Program Post-Graduation Planning Suggested Time Line

25 + Academic Record o Biggest factors in college admissions: o Grades/GPA o Rigor of courses o College entrance exams o Character o Activities resume Four-year academic performance shows consistency over time (or improvement over time) Take challenging courses Choose academic electives (languages and/or those related to potential majors) Work hard to maintain best possible grades

26 + Activity Resume Colleges want students who are well rounded and will be involved on campus Get involved in and out of school Be committed Aim for variety of interests Find unique experiences

27 + Testing Program First step – tonight Take at least one SAT by end of junior year Consider test prep Another SAT/ACT in fall of senior year if needed SAT Subject Tests if needed Keep reading and taking challenging courses!

28 + Post-Graduation Planning Consider career interests/abilities Look at education and/or training required Relate to college or tech school major Think about college qualities (size, location, setting, majors, cost, etc) Research potential colleges online/get information Look at admissions requirements Narrow down your choices Visit, visit, visit! Apply in fall of senior year

29 + Junior Year Timeline Research potential careers and majors Make a list of college qualities Take SAT at least once, possibly twice College research: Online research/get materials from colleges Begin to narrow list of schools between 5 and 7 Be sure to visit ALL schools before applying

30 + Planning Resources College Board: Naviance: College Visits College Information Packet LDHS Counseling Department Website: Military Recruiters

31 + Naviance Career Planning Look at results from last year’s interest inventory from Careers class Complete the Personality Assessment as well (either in Naviance or in My College Quick Start) Students should know their user name and password for Naviance – if not, please see your counselor College Planning Start to organize college interests Start Student Bio Sheet Naviance will be used in senior year to manage applications, transcripts, and letters of recommendation so it’s a good idea to become familiar with this program!

32 + Senior Year Timeline Finish any campus visits Take SAT/Subject Tests/ACT if needed Fill out applications in early fall Research scholarship/financial aid opportunities Fill out FAFSA in January Make final decision based on admission and financial aid offers

33 + NCAA Clearinghouse Academic requirements: core courses, GPA, SAT scores for Div I and II See counselor for review Complete application at end of junior year Apply online:

34 + Financial Aid Night January 8 th at 6:30 in HS library General financial aid information Great for 9-11 th graders and parents Plenty of opportunities to ask questions!

35 + Course Selection Process begins in January/February New this year is the Course Selection evening program for parents on February 5 th @ 7:00pm Please work together as a family to plan your course of study for next year Make appointment with a counselor if needed Challenge yourself!

36 + Counseling Office Farren Schmidt (12 th ) 566-5347 Tanya Dreon (11 th ) 566-5335 Nate Espenshade (10 th ) 566-5336 Lori Beaver (9 th ) 566-5337

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