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Your Name Your Title. Your name: Your Accomplishments 1 2 3 4.

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1 Your Name Your Title

2 Your name: Your Accomplishments 1 2 3 4

3 Short Sale or Foreclosure? What is a Short Sale? Will it hurt my credit? Can I stop a foreclosure? Who handles the negotiation with my bank? How long does it take?

4 The Multiple Listing Service Is A Powerful Sales Tool

5 There is a 90% chance that your property will be sold because of a computer

6 Where Do Buyers Come From? 40% from salesperson recognition or salesperson contact. 20% from for sale signs. 18% respond to an ad but buy another property. 8% come from open houses but buy another property 7% are referred from a relocation service. 3% bought an advertised property. 1% bought at an open house. 3% bought for a combination of reasons. Professional Marketing Skills Will Expose Your Property To All Buyers In The Market

7 When A House First Comes On The Market There Is A Lot Of Activity If you drop the price later you could miss a window of opportunity.

8 Your Property Will Sell Faster Because Of Our Internet Marketing Over Nine Hundred Websites

9 All Of Our Buyers Are Pre-Qualified Name Salary Buyer’s Needs Buyer’s Wants Address Employer Price Range

10 Our Computerized Lockboxes Protect Your Security And Make Your Property Easy For Agents To Show

11 Buyer’s 1 st Impression Is Most Important Make Sure The Home Is Ready Let The Agent Answer All The Questions

12 Preparing The House Fact: A House In Top Condition Gets Top Dollar And A Faster Sale

13 How Much Is Your House Worth? Fact: Properties That Are Priced Right Sell Faster And At A Higher Price

14 The Dangers Of Over Pricing It Will Take Longer To Sell There Will Be Fewer Showings Low Offers Your Property Will Help Sell Others

15 Your House Sells Faster Because Of Our Many Open Houses 8% Of Our Buyers Come From Open Houses Only 1% Of Those Who Buy, Buys The One They See At The Open House

16 Your Property Sells Faster Because Of Our Well Trained Licensed Agents One Of Them May Be Working With Your Buyer At This Moment

17 When The House Is Priced Right How Long Will It Take To Sell? 1 Month40% 2 Months 7% 3 Months 7% 4 Months20% 5 Months10% 6 Months 7% 7 Months 9%

18 Our Goal Convenience! Expertise! Results!

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