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The SHARP Home Seller Photo: Golden Pond Open Space, Longmont.

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2 The SHARP Home Seller Photo: Golden Pond Open Space, Longmont

3 Selling a Home – Often Your Largest Financial Transaction Hundreds of thousands of dollars. You want to get the best “realistic” price for your investment. Let someone with banking and real estate expertise assist with your real estate terms and help make the best decision for your financial and life needs. Cross country skier, Longmont

4 Benefits Of Using Me To Help You Make This Financial Decision Expertise in interpreting market trends and pricing your home at the most realistic price. Help by providing advice during selling process to assure meeting your selling timetable. Provide personalized, professional service. Your satisfaction is my priority and guaranteed.

5 Sellers’ Agent Services I Provide Represent YOU as a seller. Research market trends, provide data, and negotiate the best terms of your sale. Counsel and act as your advocate. Conduct contract negotiations on your behalf. Follow up throughout and after closing.

6 Transaction Agent Services I Provide Research market trends. Provide school information. Market and show homes. Follow-up on marketing. Advocate for the contract, not for the parties.

7 I Assist With Three Critical Factors To Sell Your Home The role of Colorado 1 st Realty and real estate community in selling. Coordinated marketing efforts to place and sell your home in today’s marketplace. Consistent targeted marketing to get the best realistic price for your home in today’s market.

8 Where Do Buyers Come From? 78% - other brokers 6% - sign calls 3% - ads 13% - other sources –Flyers –Open houses –Target marketing –Internet and electronic media Wild iris in Longmont

9 Where Do MY Buyers Come From? Referrals Open houses Ads Sign calls Wild iris in Longmont

10 How I Identify and Notify Top Agents About Your Property Create marketing position, persuade other brokers to show your home. –Price it right; make it light and bright. Market to top 100 area brokers (including CRS and GRI agents). Identify relocation buyers through relocation network (Relo).

11 Marketing Placement Electronic mail campaign to local and other agents. Cross-reference property with other agents and their buyers. Post electronically on these sites: – – – Front Range seen from Longmont

12 How I Help, Step By Step Set the Critical First Impression –Make it Light, Bright and Neutral. Help You Determine Price, Location, Conditions S.H.A.R. P. Designation –Make it a showpiece. Selling Homes At a Record Pace –With your help and cooperation. Beaver Meadows, RMNP

13 Benefits Of Using Me To Make This Financial Decision Network of real estate, banking, and other professionals from 25 years in Longmont business community and 20 years of of real estate and mortgage lending experience. A top-producing agent in Colorado. Extensive knowledge of financing and the real estate market as an agent, investor, and landlord. Accountability and communication.

14 I Give More... Help you define and realize your goals. Explain the selling process from start to finish, including tax benefits. Provide emotional support. Mule deer in Longmont

15 My Personal Commitment Regular communication. Position your home for sale. Help meet your selling timetable. If at any time, prior to an accepted offer, you feel I have not delivered the promised service, you may cancel or revoke the agent agreement. Clouds over Trail Ridge Road

16 The SHARP Home Seller S howing your home in the best possible light. H elping you prepare for showing your home. A ttracting the most potential buyers. R elying on my real estate expertise. P ositioning your home to attract competing offers. Photo: Golden Pond Open Space, Longmont

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