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GeographyVocabulary Dynasties Philosophies Other 10 20 30 40 50.

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2 GeographyVocabulary Dynasties Philosophies Other 10 20 30 40 50

3 Geography- 10 points The harsh desert that is located in northern China

4 Geography– 10 points Answer Gobi Desert

5 Geography- 20 points The mountain range that forms China’s western border with India

6 Geography– 20 points Answer Himalaya Mountains

7 Geography- 30 points What is the climate like in China?

8 Geography– 30 points Answer The climate varies depending on which part of China you are in NE: cold and dry (frozen rivers) NW: deserts are hot and dry Eastern Plains: heavy rainfall Tropical SE: monsoons

9 Geography- 40 points This river stretches for nearly 3,000 miles across northern China and is also known as the Huang He

10 Geography– 40 points Answer Yellow River

11 Geography- 50 points This is the longest river in Asia and is also known as the Chang Jiang

12 Geography– 50 points Yangzi River

13 Vocabulary- 10 points These bring up to 250 inches of rainfall a year in China and help to create lush farmland

14 Vocabulary– 10 points Answer Monsoons

15 Vocabulary- 20 points Define “standardize”

16 Vocabulary– 20 points Answer To make all the same Shi Huangdi standardized writing, law, and money during the Qin Dynasty.

17 Vocabulary- 30 points What is a dynasty?

18 Answer 2 – 30 A powerful group or family that maintains power for an extended amount of time

19 Vocabulary- 40 points What is the dynastic cycle?

20 Vocabulary– 40 points Answer The rise and fall of dynasties

21 Vocabulary- 50 points What is the Mandate of Heaven?

22 Vocabulary– 50 points Answer The emperor needed heaven’s (“tian”) permission to rule The Zhou used this idea to validate their takeover of the Shang dynasty

23 Dynasties- 10 points This dynasty was believed to be just a myth until evidence was found that proved it otherwise

24 Dynasties– 10 points Answer Xia Dynasty

25 Dynasties- 20 points This dynasty took over the Xia dynasty and is known for creating the first writing system

26 Dynasties– 20 points Answer Shang dynasty

27 Dynasties - 30 points Which dynasty used the political system of feudalism?

28 Dynasties– 30 points Answer Zhou Dynasty

29 Dynasties- 40 points Who was the emperor of the Qin dynasty? Which philosophy did he use to unite China?

30 Dynasties– 40 points Answer Shi Huangdi Legalism

31 Dynasties- 50 points How did the philosophy of Confucianism play a role in the Han Dynasty?

32 Dynasties– 50 points Wudi makes it the official philosophy Less harsh punishment Respect in the family would lead to respect of the emperor

33 Philosophies- 10 points This philosophy says you should follow “the way”

34 Philosophies– 10 points Answer Daoism

35 Philosophies- 20 points Strict rules and harsh punishments belong to this philosophy.

36 Philosophies– 20 points Legalism

37 Philosophies- 30 points What philosophy uses The Analects as the text?

38 Philosophies– 30 points Confucianism

39 Philosophies- 40 points Who are the founders of Confucianism and Daoism?

40 Philosophies– 40 points Answer Confucius (Confucianism) Laozi (Daoism) Hanfeizi (Legalism)

41 Philosophies- 50 points What are the five relationships of Confucianism?

42 Philosophies– 50 points Answer Father and son Older brother and younger brother Husband and wife Ruler and subject Friend and friend

43 Other- 10 points Name five achievements the Han Dynasty is known for.

44 Other– 10 points Paper Silk Sundial Seismograph Wheelbarrow Plow Watermill

45 Other- 20 points What are oracle bones? What is the process?

46 Other- 20 points Answer Oracle bones are used by priests to predict the future. They write on the shells, burn them, crack them, and read.

47 Other- 30 points What are the three achievements of the Qin Dynasty?

48 Other– 30 points Building of the Great Wall Building of roads Water systems like canals

49 Other- 40 points What is the Silk Road? What are two dangers of it?

50 Other– 40 points Answer Silk Road: trade route from China to Europe that transported goods along the way for trade Weather, sandstorms, bandits are all dangers

51 Other- 50 points Name five things to be traded along the Silk Road.

52 Other– 50 points Answer Silk Glass Gold Horses Ceramics

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