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How much has the way we watch film and TV changed.

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1 How much has the way we watch film and TV changed

2 History of Television Television broadcasting started in 1936 in the UK, with only analogue broadcasting TV started off with 4 small channels and then with the money they gained from people buying TVs the amopunt of channels slowly increased and with budget for the shows increased if you look at the amount of time effort and money put into TV shows now compared to before there’s a massive difference shows like Lost have a massive budget with movie props like a life sized smashed up plane only being used for a few episodes that took up most of the budget for series 1. but TV has also become a race to get the shows out as quick as possible to get maximum amount of views.

3 The way we watch TV at first there were only 4 TV channels on analogue TV since then there are hundreds of channels and we don’t only have one way of watching TV there are many such as via a SKY TV box that requires a subscription fee, Freeview TV box this doesn’t require a subscription fee only the cost of the box it’s self but you don’t get as many channels as sky, and the now regular way of watching TV which now digital rather then an along. There are no TV channels that broadcast to analogue TV now so if you wanted you could even by an analogue transmitter and transmit on those frequency and broadcast to your local area. Not only do we have these ways to watch TV live via a box we can now have catch up websites online such as BBC Iplayer and ITV player that offer us the ability to watch the shows that have been shown on TV at any time online on their website. Also due to how massive the internet has become people upload illegal copies of TV shows on to their own websites and gain money via the advertisement placed on the site rather than ads during the TV show, because of this anyone can go online watch any show they want for free even if this show was made 15 years ago.

4 Film and TV and the internet The internet has given people the ability to watch films and TV shows at any time they want not only via catch up websites like BBC iplayer but also with programs for Xbox, PC, Ps3 and mac like Netflix and love film that people pay a subscription fee for in return they can watch TV shows and film from any time as long as they have an internet connection. As the internet is expanding we have websites like YouTube that allow anyone to upload a video to and people are making their own TV shows and films and uploading them to YouTube, you don’t need to have a massive budget you don’t need to go through producers for permission to upload you series of film you can just do it. there are even ways now where people can make money from it by placing advertisements in there videos currently you can only really make a living from YouTube if you’re averaging around 1 million to 2 million views on every video you upload you can also make money by averaging 100 thousand views but you have to have a 3 party company involved with sponsors that you have to advertise in your videos like an ad break.

5 Netflix statistics

6 How much TV do people watch online In a survey of 1000 people it showed that most people watch TV online rather than on the TV screen. This survey was conducted by Retrevo and it showed that 64% of Americans watch Tv online and 5% said they only watch TV shows online and 8% said they watch most of their TV shows online.

7 Retrevo survey results

8 What is the top way people view TV and Film on the Internet Theses are the top 5 most viewed TV and Film watching websites.

9 Qualitative research I made a questionnaire to find out some more data and to find out if the secondary datat is accurate. 7 out of 10 people said that they vist the cinema once a month and 8 people said that they watch films weekly or more.

10 Conclustion Form my research I've gathered that the way we watch tv and film has changed a lot with the internet and being able to by box sets of TV shows rather than watching them just on TV has given the viewer the majority control over TV shows and films before the makers of the TV shows and films decided what we watched and how we watched it but now the view has all the control if a show doesn’t get enough views from the viewer it will get cancelled if there’s a film we don’t like then it doesn’t make it to the cinemas and if we want a specific film like Osama binaldan ( in a zombie film it will be made for the viewer

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