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Climate Action 1 International Climate Action – EU Contribution EU – Central Asia Working Group on Environmental Governance and Climate Change 2 nd Meeting.

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1 Climate Action 1 International Climate Action – EU Contribution EU – Central Asia Working Group on Environmental Governance and Climate Change 2 nd Meeting 13-14 September 2012, Almaty DG Climate Action European Commission

2 Climate Action 2 OVERVIEW Selected scientific points with policy relevance International negotiations: Maintaining our high level of ambition and strong involvement in the UNFCCC process Diplomacy and cooperation engaging partner countries Credibility –> leading by example: Comprehensive Domestic climate portfolio - the EU Climate and Energy package

3 Climate Action 3 3 Climate change threatening future economic growth 2005 : US$ 228 billion

4 Climate Action 4 Global Player : per capita emissions X population

5 Climate Action 5 Vision: keep Temperature increase below 2°C Global Peak by 2020 Global -50% bis 2050 rel. 1990 Industrialised countries to cut by 80-95% by 2050 rel. 1990


7 Climate Action 7 2007 Bali: defines scope for a new comprehensive climate framework in parallel to negotiations on a 2nd commitment period (CP2) under Kyoto (mitigation, adaptation, technology, deforestation, finance) 2009 Copenhagen: “Accord” – no consensus on a legally binding agreement 2010 Cancún: adoption of a balanced package of decisions … some 90 developed and developing countries set domestic targets for reducing / limiting emissions - important step but only 60% of what is needed to stay below 2°C … while important questions remain unresolved (peaking and long-term goal, insufficient level of ambition, long-term finance) 2011 Durban: New Durban platform for enhanced action How far have we come ?

8 Climate Action 8 Durban: Success for climate diplomacy 1.Durban Platform for Enhanced Action: negotiating roadmap for a new legal instrument for all by 2015, effective from 2020 2.Progress on 2 nd commitment period Kyoto Protocol 3.Implementation Cancun agreements 4.Finance package Perceived as a breakthrough, but we are not yet on a 2 degree trajectory and politics remain challenging NOTE: Roadmap with ambition before and after 2020 « Legally binding » & « for all »?! Kyoto Protocol – sensitive issues remain open Finance framework in place – next: sources! Durban also the beginning of a geopolitical change?

9 Climate Action 9 KEY ISSUES upcoming negotiations  DURBAN PLATFORM: towards a single, fair and comprehensive legally binding agreement under the UNFCCC applicable to all Parties to be adopted by 2015 –> 2012 agree work programme  Address the gap in the collective level of ambition of the Cancun pledges before 2020 and before the new protocol in force

10 Climate Action 10 Elements for a new protocol Overall objectives Mitigation and accounting (incl. Flexible mechanisms) Compliance Adaptation Means of implementation (finance, Technology transfer, capacity building) Transparency of action and support

11 Climate Action 11 Next stop DOHA 2012 is a pivotal year in making Durban operational need an ambitious and expeditious work plan for the Durban Platform on Enhanced Action cannot allow the progress made in Durban to be unpicked a major challenge for the next years is the "ambition gap“ EU  ready to take our part and move the Durban package forward, notably on the Kyoto side

12 Climate Action 12 Why a legally binding agreement? Strongest signal of governments’ commitment treaties have the highest international status of any government undertaking they must be implemented by the Parties in good faith, and are binding under international law Certainty certainty that national efforts will be reciprocated drives ambitious action and broader participation confidence built on the certainty of government action will encourage greater private sector investment and send positive signals to the carbon

13 Climate Action 13 Ultimate goal: ensure effective domestic action globally by all relevant emitters  A legally binding treaty, containing specific and enforceable obligations  the highest form of expression of political will and commitment at the international level.  Ratifying such a treaty signals a Party’s serious intent to act  in return it generates reciprocity and good will  key elements essential to improve ratification of and compliance with a treaty  domestic ratification procedures itself has a value as such – legislative domestic act  political debate, stakeholder involvement and engagement of civil society

14 Climate Action 14 Leading by example  the EU Climate and Energy package  Emissions Trading Directive 2009/29/EC in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the sectors covered by the Directive by 21 % by 2020 compared to 2005  Effort Sharing Decision (ESD) 406/2009/EC in order to meet national emission limits  overall reduction of the EU's GHG emissions in the covered sectors by 10% by 2020 compared to 2005.

15 Climate Action 15 EU domestic action: (1) Overall framework  EU to meet Kyoto targets 2008-2012  Enacted legislation for -20% GHG by 2020  Conditional step-up to -30%  Emission reduction objective for all developed countries of 80-95% by 2050  Binding national targets to increase share of renewables in EU’s energy mix to 20% by 2020  Improve energy efficiency by 20% by 2020

16 Climate Action 16 EU domestic action: (2) Establishing a carbon market EU Emissions Trading System as world’s largest carbon market Move to more auctioning Benchmarked allocations to industry Integrating more sectors: aviation, some industrial processes Nucleus for an international carbon market Major demand for international credits Linking with other systems –Switzerland, Australia New/emerging domestic carbon markets: New Zealand, Korea, China, Mexico, Brazil

17 Climate Action 17 EU domestic action: (3) Integration of aviation in the EU ETS The coverage of EU Emissions Trading System extended to aviation Internal, outgoing and incoming flights Legislation was agreed in 2008 and Implementation work is well on track EU moves first, while being keen to collaborate with and further progress in ICAO to address global aviation emissions Approach is consistent with CBDR principle and ensures fair competition in international aviation All flights between Europe and a given third country destination covered, independent of the airline operating the flight

18 Climate Action 18 Efficient pathway: -25% in 2020 -40% in 2030 -60% in 2040 A cost-efficient pathway towards 2050 80% domestic reduction in 2050 is feasible  with currently available technologies,  with behavioural change only induced through prices  If all economic sectors contribute to a varying degree & pace. EU domestic action (4) : Preparing for 2050

19 Climate Action 19 EU domestic action: (5) Stimulating low carbon investments Investment needs: € 270 billion annually 2010-2050, equivalent to 1.5% of EU GDP Commission proposal for next multiannual financial framework (MFF) ≥ 20% climate related (> € 200 billion 2014- 2020) Energy and transport infrastructure, energy efficiency, renewables, agriculture, … SET-Plan to support research & innovation

20 Climate Action 20 Conclusion: The EU’s way forward  Towards a comprehensive legal framework covering all major economies – political commitment to continuing Kyoto Protocol  Steam ahead in EU with climate action, through legislation (ETS, renewable energy, efficiency) and finance (MFF)  Foster bilateral and pluri-lateral cooperation on low carbon policies

21 Climate Action 21 Thank you for your attention For further information:

22 Climate Action 22

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