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Why & How we Prioritize our Training & Systems TRENT UNIVERSITY POSSESSION VOLLEYBALL.

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1 Why & How we Prioritize our Training & Systems TRENT UNIVERSITY POSSESSION VOLLEYBALL

2 Possession Philosophy 1.Bulk of our points scored with possession of the ball 2.Opponents cannot affect execution of our possession 3.Our ability to improve possession quality determines our success 4.Simply: win the points we have control over & apply pressure to our opponent’s possessions

3 Possession Philosophy Win the points we have control over & apply pressure to our opponent’s possessions… 1.Gain Possession with Quality 2.Maintain Quality of Possession 3.Aim of Turnover of Possession 4.Serve & Block to re-Gain Possession

4 P O S S E S S I O N 4 Support Systems to re-Gain Possession - Serving – low opponent Gain quality = low % of scoring - Blocking – force low % attacks to weaker players 1 Gain Possession with Quality - 1st Touch quality determines outcome of rally - Quality improvement in a possession is limited 3 Maintain Quality of Possession - 2nd Touch maintains / improves the scoring opportunity How To: 2 Aim of Turnover of Possession -Attacker Decision Sequence -Force opponent to transition without high % attacks

5 How Are Points Scored? One Team scores 76% The other loses 24% Data from 2 W and 2 M University Teams 14.3 1.9 2.8 2.6 3.0 0.4 6pts 19pts

6 Skill Prioritization One Team scores 76% The other loses 24% Data from 2 W and 2 M University Teams 14.3 1.9 2.8 2.6 3.0 0.4 6pts 19pts Controlled Skill: Attack = 14.3 pts or 57.2% of total pts Aces = 1.9 pts or 7.6% of total pts By controlling our Attacking Quality we control 85% of needed points (16.2 of 19) Un-Controlled Skill: Opp Errors = 6 pts or 24% of total pts Reaction Skill: Blocking = 2.8 pts or 11% of total pts Opp will give us 24% of needed points (6 of 19)

7 Skill Types Attack / Setting / Serving Controlled Contested Serve Receive / Defense Reaction Blocking The better the controlled skills…the better the other skills!

8 PERIODIZATION OF SKILLS 4 Support Systems to re-Gain Possession -Serving / Blocking / Feet Movement / Reading -Point of Intersection (hands) 1 Gain SKILLS (1 st touch) -Digging -Serve Receive – Jump Serve -Serve Receive – Jump Float - Free Ball 2 Maintain SKILLS (2 nd touch) -High Ball Setting -Outside “Go” Sets -Quick Sets (1st Tempo) -BIC balls (2nd Tempo) Train What ? 2 Aim SKILLS (3 rd Touch) -Jump Serving -High Ball Attacks -Outside “Go” Attacks -Tempo Sets (Quick/BIC)

9 System Training Priority 1.Offense -in system offense -non system offense 2. Serve Receive 3. Serve 4. Block 5. Defense …an integrated system is like a fist! POW

10 Best chance of scoring: 70-80% Patterns Overload = 2 hitters vs 1 blocker Spread = isolation for 1 on 1 attacking Gap Control 3 blockers create 4 gaps 4 attackers each with a gap to occupy Set Distribution Sequencing Blocker moves feet = widened gap Set attacker into extended gap Tempos 1st Tempo Sets (middle quick) = 50% 2nd Tempo Sets (slide / bic) = 40% 3rd Tempo Sets (“Go” Outside) = 30% 4th Tempo Sets (High Ball) = 20%

11 Contested Points Separate Good Teams from Champions Attacker Decision Sequence -Kill Shot – quality set, block instability = high % of scoring -Recycle – replay off block keep possession -Setter Take Out – 50/50 chance of regaining possession -Pattern Take Out – eliminate one third of court -Put ball in play – put opponent out of system High Ball Set Quality All players able to deliver quality high ball Block Stability Identification -1v1 = beat defender cross court -Edge blocker late = wipe line -Middle blocker late = wipe cross court -Block Stable = Attacker Decision Sequence

12 Reception System increases Gain Quality Court Coverage -Seam communication -Short serve coverage by Middle & Opposite -Tape serve coverage by Middle & Setter Offensive Option Protection -Bic attacker -Front Row Outside Hitter -Middle pinched to sideline Gain Quality increases Scoring % 4 GQ = 4 option offense = 80% chance of scoring 3 GQ = 3 option offense = 70% chance of scoring 2 GQ = 2 option offense = 50% chance of scoring 1 GQ = High Ball Offense = 30% chance of scoring 0 GQ = Management Offense = 20% chance of scoring

13 Serve is to allow us to Gain a Possession with Quality Serve Risk Sequence 1st Serve = 80% intensity = 2 Gain Quality 2nd Serve = “Best Serve” – both intensity & % 3rd Serve = Tactical Serve = eliminate offensive option 4th Serve = “In” = opponent offense predictable = increased block % Scoring on serve is a luxury Reward vs Risk -take as much risk on serve as needed to generate a 2 GQ reception Opponent Offensive Efficiency Serve Risk = Opponent Offensive Efficiency

14 Block System designed to aid in Gaining Possession Block Do’s -take away high % attacks -make weakest hitter score -align on attackers hard shot Block Do Not’s -get wiped on edge -guess  read late don’t guess wrong -give up when beat What do you see & how do you move? Key Elements 1. Alignment 2. Protect the Edge 3. Stability 4. 3 as 1 “Do or Do Not, there is no Try”

15 Defense is to Gain Possession not to stop opponent from scoring. Poor Balance = no digs Defensive Balance -on ball = primary hard driven defender -off ball = tip coverage & long court wipe defense -half off = secondary shot defense Every Shot has a Predictable Outcome High % Digs = High Percentage Attacks -tips, slow downs, roll shots Low % Digs = Possession -hard driven & scramble

16 Don’t Rely on Old Statistic Structures -Kill Efficiency -Blocks -Aces -Digs Evaluate EVERY touch on how it Improves Possession +/- vs Give Away/Take Away

17 Scoring Happens when we have Possession -65% of points from Kills/Aces Training Focus on Skills that Lead to Improved Possessions -controlled skills vs contested/reaction Systems Integrated to Gain Possession & Apply Pressure -be the better team with Possession -apply pressure when don’t Evaluate Skills/Systems from Possession Perspective -non scoring skills are a part of the Possession too

18 This presentation is adapted from an AVCA seminar by: Ben Josephson, Head Coach, Trinity Western University, Langley, B.C. Possession Volleyball: How & Why to prioritize your training & systems Presented at the: AVCA Annual Convention Dec. 18 – 22, 2013 Seattle, Washington

19 Feedback:  Athlete thoughts  Coach’s thoughts Mike Hubicki coach.hubicki @

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