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Welcome to Open School Night

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1 Welcome to Open School Night
First Grade 2013 – 2014

2 INTRODUCTION Ms. Scobie Eighth year teaching

3 HOMEWORK Homework assigned Monday through Thursday
Contract on back of folder 5 missed or incomplete homeworks = detention after school on Friday Quality work – see Rubric Please sign and check your child’s work Practice Sight Words and READ with your child daily. Please return text books and readers next day

4 FRIDAY FOLDERS Sent home Fridays
Empty child’s folder of completed work There will be a section dedicated to correspondence RETURN Fix and Finish work in folder Sign folder – discuss with your child Sign and return any enclosed tests

5 NEWSLETTERS Posted each Monday on our website.
Lists events, skills being covered, Sight Words for the week Sight Word contracts and activities are also available on our website.

6 SIGHT WORD CONTRACTS Important part of reading program is students knowing Sight Words ON SIGHT Assigned 6 or 5 words per week (first weeks are review of Kindergarten words) Contract has different optional activities Total activities completed up to 100 pts. Based on honor system – DO NOT hand in completed projects. Return contracts in Friday folders for Monday Morning

7 POETRY BOOKS One poem every week Will be homework on THURSDAYS
Return book to school Friday Colorful illustration (see Rubric in back of poetry book) Student should be able to read poem after practicing it in school all week. If not, read together.

8 BOOK REPORTS Will be assigned in advance and you will receive instructions REQUIRED – refer to same Rubric scale as Homework assignments A reminder will be on the website Missed report counts as missed homework

Drinks are OK-water can stay on the desk Encourage hand washing Bathroom use is encouraged at this time

10 DISMISSAL Note required for any changes in how your child will be going home Send note if different person will be picking your child up Front door dismissal daily

11 EXTRA HELP Offered TUESDAY and THURSDAY mornings at 8:05am
Will send a note home letting you know if your child should attend.

Small treat (cupcakes, munchkins, cookies) New options offered as well (see website). Usually celebrate in the afternoon – drop off at front desk PLEASE do not hand out invitations to a party UNLESS the whole class is invited See enclosed FRIENDSHIP LIST

13 MATH Go Math! Common Core State Standards Refer to child friendly standards on my webpage

14 SCIENCE Some concepts being covered in our Science program are: Life (plants and animals) Physical (sound, light, heat) Earth (weather, sky, rocks) Human Body (health, growing) Modules being designed to align with the new Common Core

15 READING Daily 5 -Read to Self, Read to Partner, Writing, Word Work, Work with Teacher 5 UNITS New sight words each week Benchmark Evaluations

16 REPORT CARDS 3 times a year
Not all concepts covered in first Trimester – will be indicated with an X Keep the report card

17 Behavior Modification
Positive Reinforcement: Tickets for Prizes and Class Dojo Traffic Light to monitor negative behavior *May change over time

18 HOW YOU CAN HELP Keep in touch (Friday folders, call office, note in homework folder) Check and sign homework daily Check website each Monday Practice Sight Words SLEEP! Less TV, more reading Volunteer for parties and trips- party collection of $10.00 (covers projects and healthy snacks)

19 Encourage speaking in full sentences
Set up a quiet Homework space with supplies ONLY for homework Bring your child to school ON TIME – 5 times late is mandatory detention for your child. Drop off begins at 8:15am. Your child is marked late if they arrive after 8:30am. Sign up for a conference (in hall) Sign up for Parent Portal (Comp Lab)

20 Home and School Compact
On the desk Expectations and responsibilities of the school, parents, and students. Read it and review it with your child. Sign below THE PARENT and have your child write his/her name below THE STUDENT


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